[ Update ] Wanted: The Gang of Mice Chockins!

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Attention! Wanted: The Gang of Mice Chockins!

Did you hear the news? Ah, right! This is me who should announce it... Well!
Chockins population is raising! Looks like some of them stopped hiding from toris and constantly moved to the wooden torimori homies. That's cute!! However, some of these beings are too naughty - they try to steal tori's food and shiny things, and especially they like flowers. I heard, some rare chockins even don't use their tail to disguise themselves anymore, so the tail became useless and skinny. These chockins became to look like rodents from Human's World, so we called them Mice Chockins!

But, that's not all.
I should warn you about Gang of Mice Chockins. If you are equipped by any kind of Flower - they might try to steal it while you are exploring! Be careful!

Mice Chockins

Q: How to meet the Gang of Chockins?

A: That's easy! Just equip any flower (like Floffers, Cyan, Mintish, Pinkish flowers, etc) and go to Explore or Art Explore.

No matter what the flower you equipped, it's rare or not - there is 20% that you'll lost it, and only 1% that you'll catch a chockin (and 79% that nothing uncommon will happen). However, if you are dreaming about a living one - that's still impossible. A chockin you'll catch - will live its body and run away from you. So, you'll get only a shape of this chockin.

Some Lore notes

By the way, don't worry about it, you didn't kill them. Just sometimes, small creatures think that you are going to kill them, so they 'jump' from the body before they get hurt. The smaller the creature - the easier they can do that. Torimoris are too complex to do that, but chockins have this skill since birth, or since they 'died' (lost their body) for the first time. After they left a body - they are looking for a new one, usually the same they had, and rarely they become something new. They keep their memories and skills, but this state is dangerous for them, because of Soul Hunters and even Soul Eaters are hunting on them! Without the body, they become less dexterity.

Only three kinds of coloring you can meet: Gray, White and Black. They have the same chance to appear.
Gray Mice Chockin by TorimoriARPG White Mice Chockin by TorimoriARPG Black Mice Chockin by TorimoriARPG

Due to chances, these chockins are super rare, but Lon gives only 10 NP for each one. So, better to keep them or trade to other players, they must worth a lot of NP!

Q: Is there any other way to get Mice Chockin?

A: Actually, yes.
For some reason, mice chockins adore The Bank location. Each time you Sweep this location, you have 1% chance to meet one of these chockins. However, these are already soulless, because someone stole their soul, oof... who it can be?..

Sweep sweep sweep

Not only The Bank got 'Sweep' action. Some locations can be cleaned too! With a chance to get different bonuses.

The NP reward has been reduced by 5 NP, though. Now you get 10-20 NP randomly instead of 15-25.
(If you clean Boroto's Workshop while there is the mess - it's still 35-50 NP for cleaning!)

New places to sweep

• 10-20 NP
+ Chance to get Eggshell (49%) or special Cleaner Chockin (1%) !
Cleaner Chockin by TorimoriARPG

The Bank
• 10-20 NP
+ (0,33%) Gray Mice Chockin / (0,33%) White Mice Chockin / (0,33%) Black Mice Chockin

Lon's Potions Shop
• 10-20 NP
+ (24,5%) Bottle Cap / (24,5%) Empty Can / (1%) Shiny Coin

Backpack Unlocker's Hut
• 10-20 NP
+ (5%) Any Key


The first person who will collect all three Mice Chockins - will get a bonus of almost any three chockins (any, excludes the Lucky, Mice chockins and Cleaner one) on your choice ♥ You can get them from trades or find by yourself!

The first person(s) who will find a Gray/White/Black chockin will get 500 NP!

Notify in the comments here if you did that and the bonus will be given!

Rewards claimed:

Gray - StoneSavage
White - Finsti
Black - lina1313
All three collected - MWINS

(We will not take your mice chockins, just giving you the rewards)

Fun fact

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All three Mice collected!

Claiming three Chockins:

Armed Chockin

Crystal Chockin

Empty Chockin