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This is a trading/seeking hub, where you can... guess what?
Alright, find a new home for your torimori or find a seller to buy/swap one! ^^

To transfer your torimori:
Write a comment in [ Masterlist ]

To transfer your NP or item:
Write a special command in [ The Bank ]
- Only potions/keys/shovels/shapes (like Chockins) items can be transferred!
- Rarely you can transfer specific items during the events (like Eggs during the Easter)


If you are selling/trading/swapping a torimori/myo

Reply here: click

№ in Masterlist:
Journal link (optional):
Looking for: (eg.: points, NP, 40$, any offers, swap, other tori, etc)

If you are looking for a torimori/myo

Reply here: click

Contact: (here/discord/etc)
Preferences: (eg.: sea theme, pink/blue/purple colors, official designs, etc)
Offerings: (eg.: 2500 points, 20-40$, myos, NP, art, etc)


Don't forget about rules from T.O.S.:

- You are allowed to trade/gift your torimori or sell for any amount of Nyam Points

- Reselling of Torimori/MYO Tickets for money/points is allowed, but have some limits - not higher than the price you paid for them and art. Only if your torimori has 4 extra art pieces (excluding first reference) which are from 4 different artists (includes you) - you are free to sell your torimori for absolutely any price you want

- Co-ownership is allowed, just be sure to notify about it in masterlist

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