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About > Rules and T.O.S.

By obtaining one of our species and/or joining our aRPG (account creates automatically since your first in-game action) - you are bound by the terms of use listed below. Please, do not break the rules, otherwise we have the rights to freeze your account/character! ;w; Hope for your honesty. uvu

Most of these rules are intuitive, so we don’t force you to read them!
However, if you are faced with difficulties and want to clarify the allowance to do this or that action - this list is for you.

Terms of Payment

• Adopt that unpaid within 48 hours after purchase can be returned to sale
• We can hold the adoptable up to the week only if you autobought it
• We also accept payment plans for AB (50/50). The second part should be paid in a ~month.
• We accept only USD and Points as 'cash' currency, where 1$ = 100 points
No refunds (only in really extreme cases, which I hope will not happen with you! o: )

For Torimori owners/buyers


• We highly recommend you to get acquainted with the Species Info to know main information about your new friend

• Before purchasing - visit Masterlist (especially if you buy a creature not from Alisenokmice) to be sure that this torimori is official

• Join our Discord, especially if you have a question and want to get quick response. Feel free to tag @helper in questions channel

Important Rules:

• The official owner is considered to be the only one who is on the Masterlist, so you must report (in masterlist's comments) about each change of ownership

• Be sure that new owner is also knows about species and rules written on this page

• You are allowed to trade/gift your torimori or sell for any amount of Nyam Points

Reselling of Torimori/MYO Tickets for money/points is allowed, but have some limits - not higher than the price you paid for them and art. Only if your torimori has 4 extra art pieces (excluding first reference) which are from 4 different artists (includes you) - you are free to sell your torimori for absolutely any price you want

• Co-ownership is allowed, just be sure to notify about it in masterlist

• In the case of co-ownership of Torimori: the first owner (the buyer) has the main rights, however, upon the transfer of Tori, co-owner must give permission too

Lore details you should know:

• Creatures may have their own name, individuality, biography/history that doesn't contradict the basic concept (it may be uncanonical fantasy history, tho).

• Every existing torimori is created by magician from Nyamrian Workshop, so they could not be borned by natural way, or have ancestry, however, most toris aren't know about that and have the different memories. It allows you to write any histories for your characters.

• Every creature created by us is physically genderless and unable to reproduce. But they still may have a couple, friends or even family ^_^

• Torimoris may exist in any world and meet any creatures of other species, be a companion. However, if this is the world of another species/aRPG - get sure first that they allow to have a torimori in their world

Creating/changing design:

• Torimoris are Closed Species that means only Alisenokmice can create the official designs. However, you can make your own design by buying a MYO

• We have no list of claimed themes, so you are free to make any themed torimori or without theme at all. However, you may get sure that no one made the same design, before creating. You can check Official Adoptables, GA Adoptables and Approved MYOs folders to avoid this issue

• Your torimori should not be a copy of already exist character of any other universe (includes cartoons, movies and games). Instead, they can cosplay this character or have some recognizable parts, colors, but they must have something different, at least the history

• You can make a copy of design of yours existing character, though - you can even 'transform' your pet/character/yourself (make a sona), but if you will trade any of these characters - new owner must know about both of them

After you made your MYO design - you have to register it in the Masterlist

• You can add minor changes in design, but no more than once a month. Great changes are allowed by using Potion of Change (you can buy in shop or get from a Magic Fountain with a small chance). You should use that for certain zone (1 zone = 1 potion) and you can change anything - remove/change upgrade, change the color, pattern, shape of the chosen part, and so on. Technically, by using 8 potions of change you can fully redesign your torimori.

• Adding the clothes is not considered as a change (it's always allowed)

• However, your torimori can't have the magical clothes and weapons, shining amulets and other artifacts with auras, magical effects and other. All these items will be unofficial (some day there will be the way to create/buy them) - it means you can't draw them where they are required (in tasks/explorations/contests)

• Torimoris can't have the magical effects or any sort of 'mutations' without special upgrades

• Torimori can be a companion of another character

• Torimori can have their own unofficial pets (official pets will be added later)

• If you find someone who sells unofficial Torimoris - let us know!

• If you found a character that similar to Torimori - well, we aren't so unique to call this as plagiarism, however, if you are sure that this person stole our other ideas or existed design, traced the drawing of someone from our community - let us know, because this is unexceptable! *lemon screaming*

Community Rules

Our main goal is creating a friendly artistic community for any type of people. So, to make our world more safe and light - we are highly recommend you to follow the rules below. Otherwise we may block you in our group/discord to not let you hurt our people. Sorry! >.<;

Things you shouldn't do in our community:

Instigate the people to the quarrels

Forcing people to give you NP/points/art/torimori (instead: try to just ask if someone can lend you some points or maybe wants to co-own their tori)

Cheating, spamming, scamming, tracing of art of others (you shouldn't do this anywhere, not only in our group)

Offend the people and their art

Spamming with not-tori art/journals by sharing them to the random places of group or by uploading them to the wrong folders of gallery

• Please, don't use vulgar words and 18+ pictures in our group

• Tori porn is not allowed. (lmao, please, no XD) Shipping is OK

• Really hard gore art and any other art that can hurt the feelings of others, cause disgust or offensive content - shouldn't be posted to the group


Things you must to know to avoid issues:

• Once you get an item/NP from the rolling - your account will be created by mods and added to the torimori.info

• To register your account by yourself, you should use register command in The Bank location. If you changed your dA username - use the same command and your username will be updated in our databank

(!) If you moved to another account - please, contact with Alisenokmice to change your nickname on the site. Do this before you get something to the new account. Otherwise it will be quite hard to move all your stuff (badges, logs, NP, items) from your old account to the new one

• 1 person = 1 account, you can't use extra accounts to get more profit

• Most of our game stuff is processing by our Tori Bot (ToriAssistant and TorimoriARPG): commands, explorings, trading, buying/selling, etc. Average response time: from 10 to 30 minutes. If you didn't get response - probably, bot is offline now. Sometimes it happens because of technical issues (troubles with connection to dA server), and sometimes because we are updating something.

• Anything that processed by our moderators (manually) can take some time (from a day to a week)

• We notify of all serious upcoming changes in advance (usually a month or two before the update)

• If we change something fundamentally, we always make compensation before to implement it. We never force the people to buy extra, for example, if something they have became more expensive. Also, if something happened because of our fault (moderator's mistake, a typo in the text, outdated information) - we also try to make a great compensation

• Our Power / Upgrades system is very complex, so feel free to ask for advice before creating complex torimori

© 2015 - 2021 NyamrianWorkshop
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jorjipie01's avatar
Am I supposed to be listed here? Because I can't find me anywhere.

pockettebees's avatar
Hi! You will be able to find your name if you have earned any items or NP in the group! If you haven't, no worries- once you do you can find yourself in there. However, if you have I will pass this on to our data keepers and they can help you out :)
jorjipie01's avatar
I found myself it is all fine now! Thumbs Up 
pockettebees's avatar
Awesome! I am glad you are feeling better <3333
jorjipie01's avatar
Sound-of-Heaven's avatar
What would be the rule if someone got a Tori in a trade and then was selling it for money? I ask because I'm thinking of buying one from somebody which they seem to have traded for, and I want to make sure it would not be against the rules to do it that way and that the amount they are asking is fair.
pockettebees's avatar
Hi! This is a totally valid question- so sorry it took so long to get back to you about it :0

If the tori in question was originally purchased for the amount they are asking and/or has commissioned art of the tori they can ask for money in return, even though they received it through trade. 
marshmellowcookies's avatar
i have a question. can you make your own designs and sell them?? if so how?
Alisenokmice's avatar
  Aw! To not overpopulate our world (because it's so tiny!) - Torimoris are closed species,
  that means that only Guested Artists allowed to create and sell Torimoris  ^^
Quistain's avatar
hello! I'm actually Popokko on a different account, but I don't know if I'll be back here so for now I won't request a transfer just yet.
just like to ask though -- is there a rule on making an owned Torimori no longer part of the species? Is that allowed? :0 like redesigning the character to a regular bird/bat, so they will no longer be affiliated and will not join activities, etc.
Alisenokmice's avatar
  aww, Popokko <3

  You can simply make another character with the same design/the same story but other species,
  this is allowed! You can't trade your old design though and officially you still have a tori.
  Also you will not be deleted from the masterlist and databank.

  With the character of the same design, but other species - you are free to make everything you want,
  since this character will not be a part of species and will be completely yours!
Quistain's avatar
ye ; v ; how've you been? ive been dying from work so i haven't been active for a while aaa

and oh, I see! I will take note, thank you! i might come back when I got my work life better settled. it looks like you're handling the group quite well~
Jahpan's avatar
What about users that are like new accounts or under 3 months old could be scammers or dead accounts for purchasing your adoptables?
Alisenokmice's avatar
tbh I don't understand this rule, because how it could be scam if they buy my adopt and pay for this? o':
so I have no such rule, at least now, since I never had problems with that ^^
Jahpan's avatar
Oh okay i was just curious because they could leave da and then the design is basiclaly gone with them or they scam
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