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You enter the house and see a room full of chockins running and playing around. On the walls are placed shelves with nests and eggs. The room looks neat and decorated with stickers and stars, hearts, balls, and other cute things, hanging from the ceiling.

A brown cute tori with a long fluffy tail meets you. His name is Lavender.

> Talk with Lavender
> How to care about the eggs? (Eggs hatching tutorial)
> Check your inventory
> Pat

Lavender -> Talk
Lavender: Hello! Welcome to my children garden, haha. I take care of these yellow babies, you call them chockins. Recently, a lot of them met our lands, I was one of the first who wants to domesticate them. If you have some questions - feel free to ask!

Q: What are they? These 'Chockins'...
A: O-o-o, you probably didn't hear about them! Well, they are little playful fluffballs, they love to eat, to play, to steal the things... uh, some toris call them like pests and troublemakers, but I believe they can be our friends and help us. I hope they can be our companions as well!
*You've got a bulletin with info about Chockins*
{Tori' Companions} Chockins Species Guide by Alisenokmice

Look! I've collected some info about these little guys. I hope it will help to other torimoris to know more about them and don't afraid of them too much...

Q: Do you know any other creatures that may be our companions in future?
A: Sure! But I'm not sure, that... huh, I know, me sounds funny ^^; I mean, I believe, the tori lands have not only the wild and dangerous creatures, but the friendly ones too. I also believe that somewhere we can meet even the towns full of new species that absolutely aren't look like us, but they have their own mind and communities. I've heard the gossips about Mimitokas, Berubuns, Mikazus, the Dorya creatures and some others. Who knows? The lands are growing so fast! Recently I saw the emptiness in the place where now is a shop with weird stuff and strange shopkeeper. I swear, something wrong with him, but I'm not sure...

Q: How did you tame the chockins?
A: Tame? Ah, to tame them I, uhh.... sorry, I don't know! Chockins visit me every day, I don't tame them. Probably they just love my company and the tail. Oh! I just got that... I think, they thought I'm a chockin too, haha... That's why they love me...

Q: Can I get my own chockin?
A: I didn't see the torimoris before, that tamed any creatures, honestly! I even not sure that I'm the owner of these ones. In our family, there are only two chockins that don't leave our yard, we called them 'Mint' and 'Tea'. We gifted them the bows of mint and green colors.

But I have one idea. Young creatures easier to learn something new. If сhoсkin got used to you from its birth, they will not be afraid of you. So I thought that you can create chockin' shape with an egg, give them a soul - and just borned chockin will take you as its family! If you will take care of them, of course.

Egg of Nature by TorimoriARPG

Q: Shape? Eggs? I don't understand...
A: Oh! That's kind of difficult stuff... well... Do you know how our bodies works, right? We have the physical shape - our feathers, skin, color of eyes and so on... that's just the shape of us, but the thing that makes us alive, that gives us the mind and will - that's a soul. Without a soul, we would look like the zombies, woo~ spooky! We would sleep, eat, maybe walking around, but we wouldn't do decisions... the soul gives us the power of the Will. But the body gives us the opportunity to materialize our willings...

... awww? don't look at me like that ///// I'm not very clever actually!! But I know a wise alchemist that told me how it works... I believe he is right, because he was knowing of Gods! And he is kinda really wise man...

Ah... what about the chockins... the eggs, right!
The eggs are beautiful containers that can collect your labor and love! If you give them some attention, for example, visit sometimes and just pat - it will materialize the physical body (the shape) inside.

Planty Chockin by TorimoriARPG

Q: So, the chockins hatched from the eggs are alive?
A: Kind of! Their bodies are alive. But they are soulless, so usually they are asleep the whole day or move a little, jerking by paws...
One chockin I've hatched, managed to roll away from my house! QwQ I almost lost them, finding in the middle of the forest in a couple of days! How did they do that? I don't know, but I feel like I'm a terrible father.

Q: Where can I obtain the soul?
A: Hmm, maybe the soul traders, I met some of them... They weren't very talkative and didn't say to me where they got those souls. I hope it was legal at least!! Anyway, I can't say where you can meet them, I'm sorry. And I don't believe that these guys are nice. I believe that there are ways to create a soul by somehow, but I'm just a believer, I'm not very clever, as I said, and can't give you advices about that ^^;

Q: Only chockins can hatch from eggs?
A: Not really, but I've met only the chockins for now, so I can learn you how to hatch them from the eggs! Or I can't... you could to rent a spot here, on my shelves, and bring some eggs. You will get a chockin from the egg guaranteed, this home is full of chockin' essence! ^^

Lavender -> Eggs hatching tutorial
Lavender: Ooo, do you want to hatch some eggies? Glad to hear! It's easy!

1. Buy the nest

First you have to rent a spot. (command: Nest Buy)
It's just 50 NP, I hope it's not too high price for my services ^^

2. Equip your nest

Then you should leave your egg here! (command: Nest Equip Egg_name)

Don't worry if you changed your mind and decided to not hatch the egg - you can take it back anytime. (command: Nest Unequip) However, all progress will be reset!

3. Pat the egg

You should give some love and attention to your egg, but not too much, because you should keep some love for yourself too!
So visit our place no often than once per hour and pat the egg! (command: Pat)
Also, if your friend left an egg here - you can pat their egg too! (command: Pat Username)
And if you just want to help - you can pat absolutely any egg! (command: Pat random)

It may take pretty long time until the egg will be 100% ready to hatch, so be patient, or bring your friends to make it faster.

4. Upgrade your nest

Just spot isn't a good place for your eggs! If you'll bring some materials - we could upgrade your nest and it will be much more effective for hatching. (command: Nest Upgrade)

You start from the nest of 0 lvl, because the spot isn't a nest at all, haha...
So, bring these materials to make the nest real and then make it better:

0 -> 1 lvl: Grass Pile

Grass Pile by TorimoriARPG
Effectiveness: 6% per pat
Required materials: Green Grass x10

1 -> 2 lvl: Bunch of Leaves

Bunch of Leaves by TorimoriARPG
Effectiveness: 7% per pat
Required materials: Leaves x20

2 -> 3 lvl: Classic Nest

Classic Nest by TorimoriARPG
Effectiveness: 8% per pat
Required materials: Branch x10 Leaves x5

3 -> 4 lvl: Cotton Pile

Cotton Pile by TorimoriARPG
Effectiveness: 9% per pat
Required materials: Cotton x10 Leaves x2

4 -> 5 lvl: Warm Nest

Warm Nest by TorimoriARPG
Effectiveness: 10% per pat
Required materials: Cotton Fabric x10

5. Hatch

I'll notify you if your egg will be ready to hatch! (command: Hatch)

That's all!

Any questions?

Q: What the chance to get a chockin from an egg?
A: There is 100% chance that you'll get one chockin. No less, no more! However... there is one exception - some eggs, like that with a flower will likely give you a flower or a bow instead of chockin. But I can't remember the eggs that gives you a nothing!

Q: Can I upgrade the nest if it's equipped by an egg?
A: Sure! You can upgrade it anytime, progress will not be reseted.

Q: How often I can pat the eggs?
A: You can pat only one egg, only once per hour. I've heard that some magical items can give you the special powers and you'll be able to give your love to many eggs per one pat! But I don't know how to create that, I have no idea how it works and have never seen before ^^; I know only that it boosts your level of love .

Q: What the 'Care Points' you gave to me each time I pat?
A: Ooo, a good question! I'm glad you noticed them. That's my points system, you get Care Points for the helping with hatching the eggs, even if you take care about your egg. I give you 1 CP for each pat and 2 CP if you took a Brush with you (brush should be equipped in The Bank location). I love and appreciate a serious approach to the caring! ^^

Q: What can I do with Care Points?
A: I just open a modest shop for my helpers! You can trade your Care Points here and get something back, like eggs or useful tools!

Q: What eggs I can buy for Care Points?
A: I can give you a Common Egg for 5 CP, random Uncommon Egg for 20 CP and random Rare Egg for 40 CP ^^

Uncommon eggs are:
- Stone Egg
- Hot Egg
- Egg with a Flower
- Cloud Egg
- Fur Egg
- Painted egg
- Swamp Egg
- Egg of Nature
- Water Egg
- And Crystal Egg

Rare eggs are:
- Rainbow Egg
- Mystery Egg
- Pure Egg
- Gold Egg
- And Egg of The Darkness

I've heard about the Abyss Egg that kinda rare egg or even ultra rare... but I have no them to trade. I know that they are full of the essence of Nothing. You can visit Non-existing Shop, Mentalist knows everything about nothings!

    Put one command into the comment section. Bot will automatically process your request and will get you result!

Nest BuyRequires 50 NP

Nest Equip Ex: Nest Equip Common Egg

Nest UnequipReturns the egg to your inventory, resets progress

Nest UpgradeRequires resources, makes the pats more effective for your egg

Nest InfoShows the info about your nest and the current egg progress

Buy X Ex: Buy 2 random rare egg

Pat me/random/usernamePat the egg from your nest, random nest or the nest of certain user
Ex: Pat Alisenokmice

HatchHatch your egg to see what inside!
Requires 100% readiness of egg.

SweepOnce per 24h (global)
Requires Pretty Broom equipped

Rewards (Care Points)
Common Egg
Random Uncommon Egg
Random Rare Egg
Pretty Broom

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