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What is NP? It's easy to explain!

Nyam Points (Nyamrian Points, NP) — our virtual currency, money equivalent, that we use over all Torimori Dimension and Nyamrian Workshop. You get NP for your activity, trading items and from other people.

5 facts you should know about NP

You can earn them without having own torimori (it's actually the main way to get your tori)

You can check your NP balance on torimori.info

You don't have to track your NP - it happens automatically and every your transfer will be added to logs

You can transfer NP in The Bank location

People can give you Nyam Points for anything: it may be adoptables, YCHs, commissions or just a gift

Still have a question? Don't be shy to ask!
But, we guess, you are exactly interested in the next two...

How to get Nyam Points

Join events, complete the tasks, claim and finish quests to get different trinkets and NP

You can sell the items you don't need to Lon in his Shop

Explore Cold Valley, Green Valley or Very Common Beach once per 24h and get free items you can sell.

Draw an Art Explore anytime to get more items you can sell too.

If you draw a gift for Torimori of Month in the first week after announcing - you will get 25-100 NP or different trinkets (you should post your work to the [ STAR ] Tori of <month> topic)

Take commissions, draw YCHs for Nyam Points

The artist of Art-of-Week gets 100 NP and the first who suggested this art gets 15 NP

The owner of Torimori of Month gets 250 NP

Visit Nursery to hatch the chockins and trade them for NP to Lon or other players. If you have no nest or its level is too low to hatch them fast - you still can get Care Points (pat random egg if you have no own) and trade them for Brush first (equip it in The Bank to get more Care Points) and then for eggs or trinkets that you can sell for NP

If you obtained Pretty Broom (you can buy it in Nursery for 40 CP) - you can equip it and use sweep action in Magic Fountain to get Leaves x1-10 or Boroto's Workshop to get 15-25 NP or 30-50 when Boroto is cleaning the workshop after craft failed

If you have at least 1 Nyam Point - you can Try your Luck in the Magic Fountain, it's allowed once per 7 days and gives you 9-24 NP profit. It's actually not so much, but you can find the power potions that you can sell to Lon (if you don't need them). Most value item there is a Shiny Coin that's worth is 500 NP, it has 1% chance to drop

Sometimes you can earn NP even for sharing official adoptable/journals (Sharing Bonus)

Where to spend them

You can buy a MYO Ticket in Life's Creatures Shop for 1000 NP and a Custom Ticket (super rarely) for 1500 NP. Sometimes there are already created Torimori designs for selling

You can buy special potions from Lon's Potions Shop. Potions are required to Upgrade your torimori

You can buy other special items from Lon, usually during events

You can transfer them to other people. Check Journals - Commissions and YCH folders or post your own journal to find the artist. Also feel free to join our discord, where you can post your 'looking for' message too

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Can u make ur own torimori's for free?

CarmenDragon's avatar

Am I aloud to take coms to get NP points? I know it’s on there but I’m not completely sure I’m aloud to aaa

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Are there people who sell their Torimori? Also, is there a trait guide or something to help you with MYO?
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Hello again! 
Everyone can sell/trade their tori is they are not connecting or they are wanting to leave the group, and while I am not the most up-to-date on who's selling you can check here for sales/trades. 

However, you are in luck, as we have a sale going on right now, there's even a FTO discount!
(6/6) Torimori Flatsale! {+special fto price}

As for your second question there is a trait guide and some MYO tips, all of which can be found in the tori gallery, however I have linked a few helpful guides below! 

{Torimori} - Full guide, Species Info v.2
{Torimori} Appearance - what they look like?
{Torimori} The Greatest Fur/Hair Guide
[ Awakening Power | Tori Upgrades ]

While there's a lot of info to be found in the group, if you have discord feel free to join our chat where you can get in contact easily with me or the other helpers or even some of our dedicated members! 

I hope this was helpful to you, if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask. 
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I can’t figure out why my stupid iPad can’t connect to Discird...

ty for info!
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Hmm, quite peculiar- I am glad I could provide some help <33 
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can i trade points for nyam points?
pockettebees's avatar
Hello! Right now you are unable to trade DA points for your Nyam Points. As stated above, there are many other ways to earn them though <33 
LaurenlsArt's avatar
Ok! Thnx for the info!
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