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July 14, 2014
The vibrancy and outpouring of energy created through the brushwork here is almost palpable. The palette in particular is at once tranquil and thrilling.
TRAVELS by Nyamesiss
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OMFG guys how this happen ;u; I just aaahjsdddkfdsfd thankyou I never had a DD before TuT this really makes my day:iconexcitedplz:

The mountainside

So someone has constantly been poking me about doing an enviro again.. erh ~ 
well here it is hehe
other technique than usual :t tell me what you think of this style .o.

more <da:thumb id="447098957"><da:thumb id="447317489">
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
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awh dang gurl, like dis sum whack shiz yo, like this so epic with all dem colours and nuances and the mountains... like, I feel like this piece makes me smile and peaceful and that. lovin the ways you used to make those mountains and cliffs and that person standing there on the edge, starin' at that sun just above the mountains, slowly descending. And the shadows... the shadows mixed with the nuances of the sunset at the bottom of the pic makes look so powerful.

Awesome work Nyaaa, lovin' your style, well, actually I just like every work you've come up with tbh.
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thanks nogacchi >u<
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All in a good days job 
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wow tu lo dibujaste es increible
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muchas gracias ^^
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Reminds me so much of the game "Journey"!! 
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thanks :) I love that game
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Me too :) I spotted the scarf of that figure in the foreground and immediately thought "Journey"!
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hah yeah :p I love scarves too xD
but it isn't intentional journey-esque :l
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Well it was also the coloring of the background and the wide perspective, but of course my mind did its part to it, too ^^ Anyway, telling you it reminds me og Journey is definitely meant as a compliment :)
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xD well then thanks again~! And I've heard the comparison many times so yeah :P
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wow this is just stunning! I love the layered look to this :3 :+fav:
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thanks so much ^^ glad you like it~~
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just wow! How did you make this ? i want to learn it so baad 
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thanks muhammed ^^ I first started by dropping colours in with photos and then started lassoing out shapes and painted in these :)
here's a similar image i made…
hope it helps :D
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Well deserved DD! Congratz ^^
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thanks so much man ^^
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Absolutely amazing and stunning!
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Beautiful! Very simple and yet refreshing and moving
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