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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Deerling

I stayed up way late to finish this, lol.
I couldn't stand the idea that I hadn't drawn anything for Christmas this year. x3

I usually say "Happy Holidays", because I want to cover everyone's end-of-year celebration at once, but since a long time ago, I saw a Pokemon Christmas special which used the phrase "Merry Christmas!", I thought it...I dunno. Fit.

So whatever you celebrate, do it up right! :boogie:
(Commercial Christmas over here. Santa, Reindeer, Frosty, etc.)

And now...I really need to sleep.
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ADORABLE. I just might have to use this as wallpaper for my cellphone, if that's okay. Your skill and talent are amazing. Damn! 
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Of course you may!! Go right ahead! I'm glad you like it!!! :D
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Looks like Bambi :)
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x3 Fawns have a habit of doing that! But I love Bambi and it has inspired me a lot, so thank you! :D
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That is just so adorable!
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This is adorable! :iconsqueeeplz:
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x3 Thank you!!
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Aaagh, I can't stand Rudolph. Such a "speshul" reindeer. >:I And the movie really freaked me out as a kid. :iconwoahplz:
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LOL Well, to be fair, I like the more "cartoony" renders of the generic "rudolph", not so much the clay-mation special everyone knows. x3

I had a coloring book as a kid where "Rudolph" was CLEARLY someone ripping off of Bambi, but they had done a really nice job, and I loved the artwork, and that's my dearest memory of the character. ...No pun intended. xD
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Still hate Rudolph. I didn't see a point to him, lol. I just wondered why Santa couldn't have just gotten a lantern instead of another mouth to feed. :stare:

My dearest memory of Rudolph is me wishing I could run him over. :XD:
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Aww, well, okay then. xD
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wooow I'm so late with comments! :faint:

anway! very cute! :D
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:lmao: Don't worry, I'm sometimes even later. xD

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Beware I am now, commenting on your artwork :eyes::eyes::love::love::love::heart::heart:

Here comes dozens of icon popups of my head XDDDDD

By the way I adore Rudolph ^U^
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LOL WOW, you foretold the FUTURE! So many icons of your head!! xD

Thanks! :D
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I will make another will see many responses from me :rofl:
You're welcome :heart:
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