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Moomintroll and Snufkin

Just simple fanart of two characters from Tove Jansson's Moomin works, Moomintroll and Snufkin.Moomin 

I love Moomin. blue heart bullet Like probably many Finnish children, I grew up with Moomin toys and books (I started reading the original Moomin novels just recently, though) and also watched repeatedly the 90's animated Moomin series, Tanoshii Mūmin Ikka or "Moominvalley's Stories", like it was translated to Finnish.

Moomintroll is, well, the mascot of the whole franchise, but Snufkin has been my favourite Moomin character since I was a child. (Little My is a close second.) Free-spirited hermit who doesn't talk much, but when he does talk, it's something important. I guess his "maturity" (compared to e.g. Moomintroll or his other friends) is what appealed to the child-me. :')

I've admired Tove Jansson's drawing style for a long time now and last summer I finally visited the Moomin museum in Tampere where they display Jansson's original illustrations and concept art too. *v*

Moomin © Tove Jansson
Tools: markers, Photoshop
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Yanno, Snufkin seems to be popular among the Japanese. We had this old gag manga back home called Akazukin Chacha and guess what, there's a character who's at time portrayed wearing ole' Snufkin's getup. I think the mangaka even mentioned the guy directly in one of their notes. Some other manga also made mention of this cool-looking traveler. Back then, I was like 'what the hell is Snufkin' and also scoffed at the name since it sounds funny in Bahasa. It all made more sense when I learnt more about Moomin unfortunately, Moomin is not a thing in Indonesia. :<

Oh, and speaking of which, are Tove's original illustrations gorgeous in flesh? I talked about 'em with Miika a while back and we agreed that those are good because we can tell what's going on just from a glance. x)
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Ah, I think I read about this once! This essay/article said the reason Snufkin is popular among Japanese is because he reminds of some cool and wise Japanese uncle who gets to live as he pleases yet who everyone seems to respect. >:3

Snufkin's name isn't much better in Finnish... |D It's "Nuuskamuikkunen" which you get by combining "snuff" (nuuska), "vendace" (muikku) and some common surname end (-nen), um... so literally his name would be "Snuffvendaceson" in English? :'''D

Oh yes, Tove's illustrations were gorgeous in the museum! Many of them were very small, though. Some were the size of a stamp. :'D It surprised me, but then I remembered the illustrations were made mostly for book pages so the small size made sense. They were very interesting nonetheless and you could even see where she had corrected the b&w drawings with white ink. *v*
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Done quite thoroughly for something "simple" XD
They both look wonderfully cute, especially Moomintroll, he's so cuddly, like a plushie ^^
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What, "thoroughly"? o///o Does it look like that? I thought the characters would look a bit rushed, since I did them in kinda a... um, rush. kaomoji set 2 30/67 

Thank you! F2U - Kaomoji 003 
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Yes, "thoroughly", that is the impression I got <:3
If you made these quick, that would simply mean that your natural talent matched their designs so perfectly. Cause since their designs are so simple, it make simple art to showcase them best, at least IMO. So to me, this is basically one of the best and most charming Moomin fanarts I've ever seen, which not only captures the characters very well, but also stll shows the distinct charm and cuteness of your artwork ^^
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Oh my, "one of the best and most charming"? I'm flattered! kaomoji set 1 9/19 Thank you~ 
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That's what I said and that's what I think <:3
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