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Cat Owner Witch Problems #666

Design for a postcard (maybe). I wanted to draw a black cat and the idea soon evolved into witch's cat. "Hmm, what could witch's cat do?" I thought... Elsie :evillaugh:

Tools: markers, Photoshop
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Too cute! Purrfect for Halloween too! :meow:
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Thank you! ^v^
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This should be followed by a picture of the result XD
What a witch's cat could do is nothing to what a mess in a witch's workshop would be like >XD
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Witch's workshop... Oh no, now I really want to draw that. x'''3
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I mean, a mess like that could go from a harmless magical fireworks and rainbows show, to a ferocious blob monster that would eat both the cat and workshop owner XD
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That might do more than stain the carpet D:

I love the little fire guy in the bottle next to the cat. I bet he wishes the cat would knock him out of the bottle too~
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Yeah, that carpet might start flying for instance!

I'm also afraid releasing the little fire spirit would be the "cat owner witch problem #667"... :''D
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Geez, that's a lot of problems, alright. But I'm willing to bet that one of the problems between #001 - #665 involves the bad lil' kitty catloafing inside the witch's cauldron. Which is bad because the witch won't be able to put some magical bread - y'know, since she won't be able to sell her witch brew to her neighbours!

The artwork itself looks charming. You gotta' make this a postcard. This one's coloured digitally, no? For a sec, I thought the spilled red liquid's coloured with promarkers. The same applies for that swirly crystal ball. :'D

Oh, and here's a small Q: did you originally intend to draw Piki? 8D
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Regular cats can cause quite a trouble - and I bet there would be plenty more when magic is involved. |3

Thank you! I'm planning to sell these at the convention I mentioned in the "magical duck girls" and since the con is held in autumn, I thought a witch (cat) -themed picture would be suitable for the season. And yeah, you're correct on the colouring technique and the source of inspiration! Luckily, Piki hasn't developed a habit of knocking down glass objects, though. :''D
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Surely they do. After all, there are already 666 problems associated with those magical felines. Now, I wonder what problem #667 might be? I refuse to believe that #666 is the last problem those fluffy buggas could do.

That's a good idea, indeed - perhaps you could expand this theme so that you'd have more stuff to bring to that upcoming con. Because Autumn. Speaking of which, you have breached 100 faves with this piece - so this concept appears to resonate quite well with people. Y'know, it might be a good idea to capitalise on it if you want some exposure. x)

Piki hasn't developed the knack of knocking glass objects down, you say? Hope she won't get that habit later in her life... 8'D
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Obviously the #667 problem would be the cat knocking down the next bottle and accidentally(?) releasing a small yet possibly strong fire spirit. :''D (There must be a reason why it's kept in a bottle, after all!)

I have some sketches prepared for more "problems" which could be turned into keychains or pins, but we'll see if I'm able to finish and order them before the con. ;v;
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Then lemme' guess: #668 is probably homelessness. Or better (?) yet, the deaths of Ms. Witch Owner and the witchy kitty itself.  Not that being homeless or endlessly roaming the Earth with your (admittedly troublesome) cat are the worst things ever, am I right? Am I right? 8D

Speaking of those pins, would it be possible to send some down under? Or in other words, I'd like to buy some of those.
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Oh my, now that took a dark turn quickly. :''D

I ordered fridge magnet versions of the #664 & #665 just yesterday. :3 I've never ordered from this store before so I'm going to see if they're trustworthy before ordering more from them. They also make pins, so it's possible I'll be able to send some to you in (hopefully near) future. ^^
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So cute. X3 Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love Heart Love 
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Bad kitty! Shame on you 😂😂
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