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Scissors Wallpaper

By :iconadiar: and me.
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ScatterSenbonzakura's avatar
Oh God that looks painful! Dx
But awesomely done! Great job!
xaml's avatar
Another showcase for pretentious destructiveness, attention needs and exhibitionism.
ojikuroi's avatar
Owh I really want a 1920x1080 version of this wallpaper ! Please <3
PhotosbyMarie's avatar
Incredibly intriguing. Gives me shivers, in a good way. Oh, and the contrast is wonderful but not overdone! Just nice all around:)
J-SPhiN's avatar
im currently rocking this as my wallpaper, simply amazing!
nxxos's avatar
Thanks for using it :)
ElderVLaCoste's avatar
Would you mind if I use this wallpaper and post a screenshot of it on DA?
nxxos's avatar
Nope, as long as you add a link to the original image in your picture description.
ElderVLaCoste's avatar
Awesome! You really have great skills. This is a brutally beautiful picture! I will of course, add a link to the original picture. Thank you.
nxxos's avatar
You're welcome :)
DemiGods1's avatar
is that adia in the picture ? if not who? looks like the same girl in vampire . who is it?
nxxos's avatar
Yes, that's her.
Tadanga's avatar
Excellent !
The meeting of flesh and steel reminded me of that famous Togawa Jun album cover : [link]
nxxos's avatar
Thanks! Interesting comparison =D
Luciteo's avatar
Beautifully creepy and well done.
SansNoir's avatar
This deserves a DD.
nxxos's avatar
Thank you so much :)
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it really nice.
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BelleChatmew's avatar
O.O oooooh I love it so much
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