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Beach Sunset Wallpaper

Enjoy the sunset colors of this wallpaper in full view please ;)

Image taken on Koh Kood, Thailand.
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That's really excellent photography. Not use to seeing photos with that much expression put into the color.
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Thank you so much! I'm glad you like my work :)
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Beautiful hue, and a delicious diagonal!
I just wish that big black boulder was slightly less black, with a bit more detail, and maybe that wedge-shaped rock, about 2/3 across, at the very bottom, should be a bit further away, or not there at all?? It seems to confuse the foreground slightly, imho.

Also, this is just a matter of personal taste - maybe if you "blued up" the sky in the background, to be as intense and vibrant as the sky in the foreground, the gorgeous reds and yellows would stand out even more, and the photograph may even get an even bigger depth to it? Again, just a suggestion.

Beautiful shot though. A bit like a window into an exotic and new fairy tale... it's topped off by the tiny boat in the background, which adds a feeling of mystery, adventure and dynamics. It feels as though something is about to happen... we are just about to discover something, if we just follow the sandy beach along the tree line.
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Thank you for taking your time writing this in-depth critique. Your words are much appreciated :)
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Haha, any time, I never leave comments unless I think I have something useful to say. Just so you know, I've used this image as an inspiration for a story I'm writing :) When it's finished, I'll send you a link :)
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I love the variety of colors here.
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I used your photo here:
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soooo amazing! totally love it!
f a b u l o u s.
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what an image! congrats! :)

Make your favorites gallery beautiful by adding [link] to your list! Thanks!
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Fantastic sight, thank you for showing it to us!:)
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Inspiring ^^ very nice!
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The right part of the image looks like the super-ultra-high quality version of the game Crysis.
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Gorgeous colors.
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Bello! L'amo molto.
I almost want to order a print. :)
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