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After much deliberation I decided some time ago to change the name of the fictional city where the majority of the KT CANNON™ series takes place. Welcome to Crescentland, Florida.

The original name of Crescent Heights was something I originally devised circa 2006/07; it was originally located in South Florida before being relocated to southern Brevard County on Florida's Space Coast (roughly where the unrelated real-life town of Grant-Valkaria is located) in 2011 for KTC. The source of this name actually comes from a realty company named Crescent Heights® based in Miami Beach. While my line of work is obviously different from theirs, it amazingly did not occur to me until recently that ensuring no potential legal ramifications about the usage of this name should be an absolute priority.

"Crescentlands" was a name I conceived to refer to the general area of southern Brevard County, which also includes several smaller fictional towns and even real-life towns and cities such as Palm Bay and Malabar. It was originally going to be just the name of a local multiplex theater (that would ultimately be bought out by a national movie chain), but I am now using a very similar name to refer to the city itself. Only the city name is changing; its "founding" year and all other history will remain as is. I won't be purging all past updates/posts of this name, but be advised that all references to the name CRESCENT HEIGHTS are now obsolete and that the KORE VALUES™ series guide will also reflect this change when it is completed later this year.

Additionally, the previous anthro hedgehog design of the titular character has now been fully separated from its parent and is now a completely new and independent character, Kaden Gunner™. This character will have a separate history, relationships, and backstory, although it will retain several minor references to KT Cannon. This is the character that, among other notable differences, is paired with MinoxMoonbeam's character Connie, as depicted here. Kaden Gunner™ is NOT a "spin-off" of KTC. It is, as mentioned above, a totally new creation based on a prior design.

I know some of you may construe these as rather minor and insignificant updates on the surface, but I feel that updating all of you in the progress of Braveworld's flagship series, even in the smallest of capacities, is still vitally important in building an audience. I thank you for your interest and for reading this.

This update will also be syndicated to the Cannonballers group.
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Excellent work on your adjustments to your fictional city's name ^^ And I will now acknowledge that the city's name Crescent Heights is now Crescentland. ^^