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:wave: hi! hope everyone is doing well!

well, after many years of anticipation..and trying to get a permit..my time has finally come to be able to explore the enchantment lakes in washington during the peak of the fall season! will be leaving monday for a three day two night backpack to one of the most beautiful places in the state :D as usual, not much to say in my journals, but this one is mainly to thank all of my friends and supporters on dA for all the motivation and inspiration over the years..is because of all you that im more excited than ever to visit the enchantments and capture  its beauty! so thank you..i truly appreciate each and everyone of you and keep doing the great things you do :)

will leave you with some fabulous images that have inspired me in the recent..please take any replying time and use it to check out these amazing artists and their beautiful work!!

see ya when i get back! :happybounce:

Moods of sunset by Lidija-Lolic My eyessss by Morbidezza Owens Sunrise by collectiveone
Morning Light at the Horn by AndreasResch Concealed by LAlight :thumb297327499:
Serene Scene by JonGoldie Matterhorn by TobiasRichter Mt. Kidd by Dani-Lefrancois

High Sierra Sanctuary by davidrichterphoto Cold Deception by Jacob-Routzahn Little Falls by Pistolpete2007

A Flower, a Little Flower by FairyTalesNeverDie Visibly bitter by Millsy1 Shine Down by MeFlyingFree
Chelan Gorge Bridge by TRunna :thumb331556562: the blue hole by augenweide
autumn reflections by tiny-sparrow Sunset Brooklyn Style by BrianSouth Sunset from the Aumar lake by MaximeCourty

The White River by Ian-Plant Purple Aster Majesty by Raymaker Sinistro by DreaErvin

Lainbach 4 by MK-NI Forster Fantasy by CainPascoe Magnetic Moment by sciph
Image 131 by Digital-Blend Aurora Australis by CapturingTheNight Silence. by landscapes-flake
Slowing Sun by Zanarky Burly Burney by aFeinPhoto-com Autumnal Velvet by FlorentCourty

:thumb291829900: Canyon of the Waterfalls by photogrifos Stairs by jeruley

Mirror of dreams by emmanueldautriche Kirkjufell Panorama by cwaddell mountain lights by shade-pl
Morning Reflections by porbital alps by essencestudios Secrets of Serenity by JaclynTanemura
Bronze Flowers by CryptikFox Land of the ewok by PeterJCoskun :thumb325082516:

Pharma Greenstairs by kharashov :thumb326244009: :thumb326390110:

New Horizons by life-flashes :thumb316920161: Teton Reflections by tourofnature
Mt Shasta Scape by o0oLUXo0o Lone Cypress Sunset II by Allen59
:thumb293722203: Moraine Lake by La-Vita-a-Bella Castle and lake concept by Syntetyc

Endless Lakes by Dee-T Somewhere Far Beyond by niccolobonfadini An Evening with the Ancients by narmansk8

...Rush... by PaulSwiatkowskiPhoto :thumb291851754: Dunnottar Sunrise by FlippinPhil
Girraween national park 1 by georgegowan Warm Asylum by 11thDimensionPhoto Fields of Ice by erezmarom
:thumb306149305: Nature is the Artist... by vincentfavre :thumb305946957:

First Snow by alexandre-deschaumes A Display by heidiheichi Mt. Rainier - Reflection Lake by heyfever99

Over the rainbow by Dee-T Spirit Falls, Study 2 by greglief Pure by Nelleke
:thumb309814893: Choices by Burning-Liquid
Burj Al Arab 2 by Shoayb Faded by SteelAtlas Somewhere Far Beyond by niccolobonfadini

Tears of Heaven by IvanAndreevich :thumb330850481: Still Morning by hikester
Cheeky by psyfre The Thin Line II by JanPusdrowski

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
Brushes by solenero73
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with 2011 ending with tragedy for me, camera died, I'm back up and running with a new camera body! and along with the delivery date of the new body, it was brought to my attention that i had been awarded my first DD! want to thank all my long time supporters for their generous support of my work and inspiration through their amazing art! thank you all so much, feel i have grown so much in the time ive been on dA and couldnt have done it without you..appreciate you all more than i could ever show or say. and a thank you to all the new watchers i have received..truly grateful for your support :)

will celebrate with features of work that has inspired me in the last few months, keep up the amazing work everyone, look forward to your images in 2012 and hope your 2012 is off to just a good a start!

instead of commenting..please take the time to look at these fabulous artists gallery :)

Return by LAlight Boulders beach sunrise by georgegowan Haven by PaulSwiatkowskiPhoto :thumb172895869:
:thumb274915107: Winter in the Pacific Northwest by TRunna :thumb277027071: Autumn Reward by 11thDimensionPhoto
Origin by dominique-merot Nothing Owed by psyfre Falls of Falloch by Pistolpete2007 Thousand Island Sunrise by narmansk8
Simplicity by aFeinPhoto-com Flying Into the Fog by LeashaHooker Prusik Reflection by Raymaker A Familiar Connection by Jacob-Routzahn
the living among the dead by tiny-sparrow :thumb269994160: Sunrise Behind Rainier by jeruley Crossing by BrianSouth
:thumb267926224: Deep Blue by DreaErvin Symbiosis _ Eternal II by alexandre-deschaumes narrow trail by porbital
Jefferson Park, Lupine Study 2011 by greglief New Years winter forest by tomaskaspar Bridge Into The Sun by davidrichterphoto Everlasting Autumn by FlorentCourty
Look to the North original by Thomas-Koidhis Light's Passage by Ian-Plant The Seattle Room by SteelAtlas Kingdom of ice by emmanueldautriche
:thumb271666911: A touch of magic by etheraiel better together by life-flashes Farewell Autumn by Meowgli
Texas Night Sky by foureyes Waterfall - Behind North Falls by La-Vita-a-Bella Falling Down by JanPusdrowski
Water Cycle by XavierJamonet silent hill by arbebuk Banff by BeachGirlNikita
The desire for the road by Alshain4 Tenaya Lake by o0oLUXo0o Dispersion by Burning-Liquid
Begining of the sun by Millsy1
Lost but Found by hikester

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Greetings to all my friends here on dA!!

has been over a week since i've been on here and just wanted to let you all know that i havent been ignoring or not watching ;) a few on here make fun of how i always have a plethora of tabs opened in firefox, well am not going to count them but have reached an all new high by ten fold i'd say! CPU usage for firefox is 1,846,327 kilobytes of RAM!! average i'd say is 35,000 :/ (yes..i'm a geek for numbers!) but with that being said, have a lot to catch up on and see, but have each of you tabbed and will get through them all in the next few days. most likely will not be able to comment on them all but will fav as i go through them :) my apologies for any that i may overlook in the masses..

during my hiatus, i ventured from the pacific ocean to the some of the highest points of the mountains of the beautiful pacific northwest..most secluded of nature to the most packed tourist attractions and from the soothing calm of a foggy ocean beach morning to the intense terror of a forest fire! want to thank you for all the inspiration and encouragement over the last two years to get me to where i am today..couldnt have done it without ya <3
a special thanks goes out to :iconlalight: who i was lucky enough to have accompany me on my journey. had a great time and learned alot..thank you so much for making the 2600 mile journey and hope you had a great time as well! :hug:

and a lil humor pic: my assistant helping me out going through pics from the week :D
butters editing by NWunseen

have thousands of images to go through so postings will be delayed a lil longer..plus as you can see..my assistant has trouble using the mouse..but hey, i'm an equal opportunity employer and she works for kale and worms! ;)

hope everyone is well..time to start playing catch up!! will leave you with just a few of the works that inspired me on my journey this past week :D

Clutch by LAlight Pollination by Stroody :thumb257022594: Waterfall - Sunset Falls by La-Vita-a-Bella

Split, 2003 by TRunna :thumb254192703: ..Cavern Cascade.. by PaulSwiatkowskiPhoto come away by tiny-sparrow Hunters of the Sun by JanPusdrowski

Heceta Head by 11thDimensionPhoto :thumb255873725: Takobia by Raymaker :thumb203875114:

Queen street by arty-chooken Everlasting Confluence by hikester Two Towers by joerossbach :thumb251722050: Under the Stars by Meowgli

Explosion by Ian-Plant Spread On the Beauty by Jacob-Routzahn Bowman Lake Glacier Park by jeruley :thumb256853281:

Refill by IvanAndreevich Three Fingers Sunrise by queegqueg Rose Colored Glasses by aFeinPhoto-com

For Real by DreaErvin Another View by Pistolpete2007 SPREAD THE LOVE by NaturePunk Bishop Pass Sunset by narmansk8

:thumb246018793: Storm of Light by Burning-Liquid :thumb251708040:

Krk by jurcic