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Journal History

Hello, my friends!

It's been two months since I started this strange request of mine, and more of you have allowed me to add your Female OCs as Solar Girls. Like last time, I have finished at least one OC for every user who asked me. (And if I have missed one, tell me)

These are the ones that have answered the Journal’s call (Some of you asked for more than one. I'll do them next):
-First Wave-
Solar Girl 0460 -Sally the Sugar Girl- by NWSaiyanX
Solar Girl 0462 -Rosena Clinton- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0487 -Seika Hibaki- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0488 -Catthelyn the Cow- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0458 -Gwendolyn the Sheep- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0457 -Lilith Scharlach- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0459 -Zuri Drolrevo- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0514 -Silvana the Rogue- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0513 -Esther Ornulf- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0515 -Celestron Il Designer- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0516 -Ariana Ashers- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0463 -Emma 'Candy' Stone- by NWSaiyanX
-Second Wave-
Solar Girl 0489 -Arcee Star- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0490 -Rasbel Lockfin- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0491 -Francine Guilloru- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0466 -Julia Shirosaki- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0468 -Chikorita the Agent- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0467 -Yuriko the Genie- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0469 -Kaya Onee- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0492 -Lilia Galliant- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0470 -Natasha Curiador- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0541 -Yumi Akitaka- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0542 -Clarencia Malkova- by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl 0543 -Katsumi Teneibre- by NWSaiyanX

Once again, thank you, my friends, for letting me add your Female OCs to Alan’s Harem The Solar Girls :D

So lets continue!

I wish to add some of your OCs to the Solar Girls.


The group is open. there is no limit. I accept request from you to add some of your female OCs as Solar Girls.  These are free drawings. Help me make this boob harem bigger :XD:


What are the Solar Girls?


The Solar Girl's group (want to call it the "Solar Order") are a group of female OCs that I have created, originally, and I was going to use them in a story, but since they become so many (over 450 as the writing of this journal) I just decided to keep on and create or adopt more designs. At first they were of my own, but then I start adopting. Recently, I asked some of my friends and users I know if they’ll allow me to add some of their OCs to the group, because I like their design and I wanted to have them in the group.

Long story short: I like to have a “collection” of designs I like. A large "army" of boobs //shot

So, if you have a female OC, you can request her to add her to the Solar Girls.
"You and WHAT army?"
"This Army!":…


"Wait, what do I win with this?" you're probably asking right now.


Well, what you'll win is:

1-A free picture of your OC

2-A Keyblade and emblem inspired by her design

3-A bikini version of that picture, either created by me or one you show me.

4-A free, NSFW paizuri pics of her.


This is an example of how they'll look if you accept:

Solar Girl-Kristal Mahoro by NWSaiyanX Solar Girl-Nala Villegas by NWSaiyanX

Don’t worry: even if they are Solar Girls, I won’t claim them as my own. If I upload her picture or use them in stories and stuff (probably won’t, but there is a chance), I'll say something like "This girl is owned by 'introduce user name here', who allowed me to add her to the Solar Girls. Thanks, my friend". I know they are not mine and that you guys lend me use them.


Wait, what’s the catch? No one gives free drawings for nothing!


Well, you see. By ‘Lore’, the Solar Girls ARE the harem of one of my OCs, Alan Hernandez, a Saiyan Keyblade Master/Blacksmith extraordinare Galaxia - The Arsenal of the Solar Keys by NWSaiyanX <-----THIS DUDE
Eh... kinda because, well, it’s a large group (over 450 and counting), so technically if they all decide to do something, he won’t be able to do so. However, by the Lore of the Solar Girls, they are girls that my OC have meet in his travels through dimensions and, well... had a night of "fun". And as a thanks for the night, he gave them their Keyblades.
"Thanks for the fun. Now you can use magic!"

So, if you accept and offer your OC to be part of the Solar Girls, then you accept her to be part of the ‘harem’... or atleast accept that my OC and your OC meet and had "fun" once...


Of course, being that this are technically free requests with creation of keyblades inspired in your characters (with the only payment I have is that your OC is part of the ‘harem’), I have some rules:

1-You accept that I COULD use them in pics or stories. To be sincere, I dont think I'll write a story where I can include them. Not only I prefer to draw designs, but I dont think I can add 470+ girls in one story. However, if I can, your characters can be cameos in there. (I'll say something like "She comes from a parallel universe" or something). If I do, I'll ask you first.

2-About the NSFW pics they would probably be with my OC Alan... even if you'll probably won’t see his face in any of them, cause the ones I do are in first person (only seeing the girl), so you can think it’s just a rando or an OC of yours, but when I draw them, I think it’s my OC.

3-Female OCs should be over 18. I don’t want problems. If she is childish but has lived for hundreds of years, we can talk.

4-I prefer if the female is human, but I DO accept Anthro females, Mobians, humanoid ponies, Orc girls, humanoid Pokemon and more. Ok, the mayority of the Solar Girls are human. I CAN add humanoids, anthro and kind of furry charracters. My MAIN problem, is if the character goes more into the furry size.
Solar Girl 0059 -Aisha the Fox- by NWSaiyanX
Look at her. She is Aisha, a Mobian I made. You can request a Mobian or an Anthro with similar facial features. Also, this is a mouth that I can consider "human like". If the girl in question has an animal mouth, there are less chances I'll accept them. Also,
if they have very, VERY long snout (like that of a wolf or dragon) or a beak for a mouth, then I won’t accept it. They can have scales and fur, but if they have a big snout or beak, then it’s a no, unless you allow me to modify her. If you are not sure if I could accept or not a character, just ask me. Chances are I can accept it, but first you have to show me. If I have faved a pic of her, you're good to go!

Also, I have problems drawing chubby characters
, though (and even though I try, I cant seem to draw them ok or I dont like who they look), so please, if you do submit one, be advises that I COULD reject it. Depends on the design of the girl.

5-The female must be YOURS! Please don’t offer the OCs of others, even if you say you have their permission. The owner must talk to me. If the OC is owned by two persons, both must at least say “I allow it”. Also, I won’t accept any “This one is for a birthday gift to X person”. No, I won’t take it.

6-The female MUST HAVE BIG BOOBS. I suppose that you know by watching my gallery that all of my Solar Girls have large breasts, and I don’t plan to change that. If you request a girl to be a Solar Girl of mine, she must have big boobs. If she doesn’t have, I'll add them. This won’t change my mind. So, before you offer one of your OCs, remember this one.

7-If you still insist on submit a flat-chested girl, well, I CAN make 2 versions of her, one with large boobs, one with normal or flat ones, but the one I’ll upload in my gallery would be the one with the big boobs. You can submit the other one in your gallery if you want. Be advised, any NSFW pic would be of the big boob version one.

8-YOU CAN’T PULL BACK!! To stop the idea of you allowing me to add your OC to the group, get a free drawing from me, and then pull out and demand that I remove her from the group, I put this rule. Yes, the OC is yours and I won’t fight against that. You are free to do with your OC what you want. But if you accept this and allow me to add her to the group, then she is a Solar Girl forever, until I say so. I don’t do this to steal your characters, but my only payment for free drawing is your OC in the group/harem, so please, think twice if you plan to do. I’ll take it as “a version of your OC from the multiverse is a Solar Girl”.

9-Rule 8 doesn’t apply to the ones I have already made their girls as Solar Girl as of July 8, 2018. They already gave me their trust and are free to remove their OC. Doing so, however, means the Keyblade stays with me, and will be reused for other future Solar Girl I create.

10-Do NOT bother me by asking me when your OC is going to be ready! People, I have a job, and life, and videogames to play and stuff to do. As much as I really want to draw busty women all day, I can’t. So please, if I haven’t done your OC as a Solar Girl, don’t bother me every single day about it. She’ll be done, when I can and be motivated. These are free requests, after all. Besides, when I start yours, I’ll note you and ask for modifications in small stuff. So please, be patient.

That being said, if there has been at least 2 months since you requested the girl and I STILL havent draw her, ask me. Chances are I either forgot the request, the request got lost when I was seeing who to draw next, or she is still in the list but being pushed back because of newcomers (in case I already draw one of your girls before). If sometime has passed, ask me.

11-I reserve the right to reject anyone. While I do accept big boobs and it’s easy for me to accept anyone, if I find some problems with an OC or the owner, then I’ll reject the offer, even if I have accept it before. Stuff changes and people can inform me if a user is problematic, so I can reject any offer whenever I want.

12-You can add as many girls as you want. There is no limit, but please, think in the others. If you say that I should add 5 of your OCs, I wont do the 5 one after the other. Probably will do one, then some of other users who have requested, and then another of yours. Be patient.

13-PRIORITY. Be advised that I gave priority to new users, so if I have already done one fo your girls as Solar Girls and you ask for another, chances are they'll go to the last of the line, and new users will have priority and push back the othres. Dont worry, I WILL draw them. It'll take more time.

14- I DONT DO:
Gore And Blood
-Expansion (even I have a limits for boob size)
-More than the normal number of body parts (I'm ok with a 3rd eye and maybe with 4 arms or boobs, but other than that, no)
-Lower monster body (I'm kind of okish with sirens, snakes and 2 leg animals, but more than that its a no)
-Hyper Muscle (Not exacly fond with normal muscular women... but I accept them. Now, EXTREMELY hyper muscular... no)
-Vore and Pregnancy
-Male, Futas or Traps (Solar GIRLS)
    -EXCEPTION: If the character in question is a futa or trap, BUT you let me make THAT OC as a female for the Solar Girls, then I can draw her.
-Extreme Fetish (So many to count)
-Other stuff that I dont think of right now, but you can ask.

If you accept to all of the rules, please fill this:

Nationality (Of the Real World):
Job/Class (Final Fantasy like):
Favorite color:
She Likes:
Extra (Anything you want to say about the OC):

Be advised that my drawing abilities to draw in different poses is limited, so many of the poses are reused (They are technically like the "YCH" pics, with bases I do myself, so many poses will repeat themselves). And if I don’t like a design, I have the right to reject it, so don’t feel bad if I don’t like it. But, if you say "you can change a little of her, just make her very similar", then we can talk. If you accept, the design I make will be yours, kind of like an alternate costume for her.

If you don’t want any of your OCs be a Solar Girl, that's fine, I'll respect your opinion. The offer is still open if you want to.

I know this request is very, VERY strange, but hey, I had to do it. I like to collect stuff, and creating character designs to add to my collection actually help me to not have the urge to collect things that cost WAY more money, like videogames or cardgames.

Well, I wonder if you'll accept this strange request.

See ya!



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I'm a simple man that likes to draw boobs and keyblades, and drawing friends.

Current Residence: Monterrey, Nuevo León, México
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