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Today is my 3rd year with Deviant art.  I will post some picture of my trip to the McCormick Wilderness Area in the UP within the Ottawa National Forest with my friend Aleks to celebrate =).
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wow that took a while, it means nothing, but nice to see 4 digits after a sea of 3.

I have not always been active here, I have so many projects includng websites and readings and writings.

Lately I have been devoted to writing my novel, but I should think now that spring is here I will get some good shots.  I am also thinking about using my lady friend as a muse for some shots.  It will be interesting.

Well, as usual, my journal entries are boring as hell.
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Yes, time to change that old entry from Nov 3, 2004, right after the end of the world.

I am looking foward to getting a new camera soon.  Hopefully I will be able to get some better shots soon.  WHOOHOO.

I will also be making a trip to Chile soon, so I will get some REALLY good pictures down there!
Last night was the end of my's offically over.

There is no reason to live anymore, there will be at least 1w2 more years of republican control now.

My life, this country, and this world have offically ended.