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Dear friend,

Over the summer, I went to a Christian summer camp, and through this camp, I went running back to God.  Though I have had the mantle of Christianity for many years, and live in a Christian home, I have not truly known "Christianity" until now.  Before, I had faith set on the back-burner; now, it is in the forefront of my mind.
Before I went to camp, I planned to make a YouTube channel and blog site playing and analyzing indie video games, since I was basically obsessed with video games and spend most of my time playing them.  But at the camp, God put it on my heart to use the channel and blog not for earthly things such as that, but to study His word, and the spiritual issues that come with life.  
I have been to other Christian camps before, and every time I went my faith would get "refreshed" so to speak, and for a few months, I would live for God best I could.  But it eventually would fade away, and I recently realized that it was because I had been refreshed in my faith, but I had no works to go with it, to support and nurture it.  As it says in the book of James, "A faith without works is dead"; my faith would try to rise up, but without works, it would sink back down again.
The YouTube channel and blog are, I realize, what my "works" should be in pointing people to Christ.  But don't misunderstand me; I am not saying that I will profess my faith only through online activity.  I want to live for God with every aspect of my life, online or off, so I can spread his love with what I say and do.  
I can testify that God has helped and blessed me in so many ways over the past few months.  I used to curse daily (usually in my mind, since such words are not allowed in my home), but I prayed and asked for His help, and the vulgar words that used to be my daily vocabulary were put in the back of my mind.  Video games used to be my life, and I would often play them straight after school until I went to bed, but with the presence of a being more important than such things, I don't play quite as much as I used to; according to Steam, I would play about 36 hours a week, if I remember correctly, but if my mind serves me well, I usually play less than 5-10 hours a week.  I am still struggling with my compulsion to video games, but because of my commitment to Christ and my faith, they are not a dominant part of my life any more; I ask if you can please pray for me, since video games usually can pull me away from what is truly important.
Before I finish, let me clarify some things about Christianity and my faith:
As a Christian, my goal is to love as Christ did, to be a "Jesus freak" if you will.  And I will tell you right now that is is the hardest thing in this world.  Loving unconditionally goes against our worldly mindset of "me-ism", the love of self.  I can only do it with the power of God in me, because God loved by sending his son, and God is love.
I am not here to hate certain people and love others.  It's not what we're called to do; it's not what I am here to do, either.  What I want to do is get to know you, who you are and what your beliefs are to you.  Atheist, homosexual, agnostic, heterosexual, theistic- I don't care.  I'm not here to "sell" God, I'm here to let you know him.  And if that is to happen, I feel I should know what God means to you.  Please, send me a note, or and e-mail; I want to know what God means to you.  But please keep in mind I am not here to debate theology, or fight with you.  I'm here to tell you who God is and how He can save your life.  If that means I have to get my hands dirty, okay.  But I don't want to pull us both in the mud, you know?
My e-mail is  The blog can be found here ( and the YouTube channel here (…), though there are no videos yet.  If you don't mind, please read the first blog post, entitled "Hello", for a better understanding of the blog and video.  I will also post a link for the first video when it is posted.

Have a wonderful day. :hug:

Naomi (NVZgirl/Norbez)    
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Submitted on
October 11, 2013