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Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.3) by NVZgirl Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.3) :iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 2 3 Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.2) by NVZgirl Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.2) :iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 0 Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.1) by NVZgirl Death's Bouquet- Tapastic Valentine Comic (Pt.1) :iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 0
The frame of mind
we have inside
can change the way
we see today.
A gloomy cloud
can cause a frown;
the sun above
fills us with love.
The outside world
changes us within,
but it should be
the opposite.
Our self inside
can change the world as we know;
we just have to let it out,
and let it roam.
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 3
Today was a good day
I slip,
into the vacancy of the cosmos,
where the sun,
a burning cyclops eye,
watches me,
and smiles.
I soar, and,
when I return,
I speak of my journey
around the stars, behind the moon,
to a place where Pluto
is no bigger than my thumb,
and a star can be crafted
into a beautiful diamond ring.
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 2 2
Valentine's Exchange- Character Sketches by NVZgirl Valentine's Exchange- Character Sketches :iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 3
"Bonjour, madam-"
"Sorry, don't speak German."
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 2 3
Goodbye, world.
Next destination: the moon.
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 3 5
Six Word Short
Life's hard to handle.
Death?  Harder.
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 0 1
Scattered, fragile dreams,
destroyed, on the ground
bloody, lifeless:
no more.  Alas,
reason shot them dead-
a spray of skeptic bullets
coming from our mouth, our mind,
our friends, our enemies.
"Nothing is impossible
but everything is distant."
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 4
Tapastic Winterfest Comic (No Title Yet) by NVZgirl Tapastic Winterfest Comic (No Title Yet) :iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 3 13
REALity IS reLetIvE
"Eat healthy," mom always told me.  "Eat healthy, because I don't want you to have a heart attack in your teen years."  And I always listen to her, even after my teen years, and eat healthy by barely eating at all, and having a cup of herbal tea once in a while like she says.  Because mom's always been here with me, walking where I walk, sitting where I sit, following me with her advice always handy, and I don't want to disappoint her while she's here.
But at the same time, I know she isn't-is she?  I saw her dead all those years ago, I saw her lowered in the ground, her calm face looking up from the shiny black coffin, which lay on the green tarp they use at funerals, and I put a blue rose on her grave, which cut my finger, and I knew she would never be there to bandage me and kiss my cuts and scrapes.  
Or did I?  Because after the funeral, she joined the others who walk with me, one of the many who speak to me, and told me to make sure that cut didn't get infected, to put some Neosp
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 0 3
Ashes to Ashes
I stood in the middle of my soft forest clearing, soaking in the pleasant night as I waited for my guest to arrive.  Ignis isn't going to be late, is he? I wondered, running my fingers through the creases of my brown dress, and looking up at the moon-less sky.  No, he's never late; he always comes when least expected, though, according to Tempus-
"Terra."  The sound of his smooth, light voice made me turn my head, and there he was, standing at the leafy entrance of the clearing.  He wore a silky black tuxedo and shined black shoes, along with a red tie to match his orange hair.  A perfect smile was stretched on his face, and for a few seconds we simply stared at each other, he with his green eyes, and me with my dark brown ones.  
"I'm here," he said finally, walking into the clearing and towards me, stopping about a yard away from the place I stood.  I resisted the urge to smile in delight; he was comp
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 2 5
RFS- Part 3
She snapped her fingers, and the chain immediately released the grip on the Streamer's windpipe, returning to normal size around his neck, and he collapsed on the ground on all fours, gasping for breath; he was mostly breathing up sand, she noticed, which caused him to break into a coughing fit after a moment.  
His breathing slowly quieted as air refilled his lungs, and soon the sound of his breath mixed with the light breeze that had picked up.  She turned away from him, thinking of the right way to answer his question.
"You know I was asleep, brat; don't try to deny it," he snarled quietly, causing her to wince a bit.  Even when they'd met four years prior, he'd liked to call her "brat".  "You still have that stupid sensor in your glasses, don't you?" he snapped, starting to stand up.
Soon he was at full height,  towering about a foot above her, and she looked up into his eyes, calmly meeting his glare.  "Yes," she said, straightening the glasses, which sat on the bridge of her nose
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 0 0
Murder in the Forest at Midnight
let me fall.
I cannot go
one more step
into this secret
so deeply kept
Leave me here
in the night,
in this place
of monsters,
in the quiet
of the dark,
which had come to
cost her
so much pain,
and with it,
no gain
My friend, the time has come
for this charade
to end.
You know as well as I
that in the darkness
lies the reason why
we are gathered
at such a late hour
in this forest
of malevolent power.
Something is amiss;
release me
so I may again
be full of bliss
What we spoke of
I kept between us alone,
but I should have known better
because of the dark things
you've shown.
It is clear now
what you will do
but we are friends,
and I have faith in you.
We have stopped the cage
of your heart so full of rage.
You plan to throw me in
to face the beast within.
My friend, let me go!
What you have done to her
must not be done here!  I know
you plan to sacrifice
me to your selfish vice!
Resist the urge inside; look into my eyes!
Do you truly w
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 4 8
RFS- Part 2
Together, they walked through his home of the desert, neither speaking as the minutes began ticking by.  The silence of the two became deafening as time continued to pass, but it was also necessary, as she needed time to think, and thankfully his despise towards her made him quiet for the moment; after all, there was no reason to chat with his warden.  
However, when about ten minutes had gone by, he found himself twitching with anticipation, tapping a time-keeping finger against his leg, eyes glancing in every direction, ears picking up every small movement, even the sand swaying beneath his feet.  He glanced down at the girl, who had been looking only ahead the entire time, and he scowled.  "May I ask, master," he hissed, striving to sound as sarcastic as possible, "where exactly we are going?"
She looked up at him, still walking, and he glared back down at her; his orange eyes were blazing with fury by that point.  Ther
:iconnvzgirl:NVZgirl 1 10


Sym-Bionic Sketch Dump by queenbean3 Sym-Bionic Sketch Dump :iconqueenbean3:queenbean3 324 97 Death, Life, and Magic by RubySpirit Death, Life, and Magic :iconrubyspirit:RubySpirit 2 6 30 Day Challenge:Day6:Fav Book:The Thief Of Always by RobinElyce 30 Day Challenge:Day6:Fav Book:The Thief Of Always :iconrobinelyce:RobinElyce 10 1 Monster Chess sketch by neko235 Monster Chess sketch :iconneko235:neko235 12 1 The Hollow Races. by Endling The Hollow Races. :iconendling:Endling 8,451 527 My Wig is Lost in the Mail by RodianAngel My Wig is Lost in the Mail :iconrodianangel:RodianAngel 995 185 Game Background by Goramitrio Game Background :icongoramitrio:Goramitrio 828 66 Cover by RubySpirit Cover :iconrubyspirit:RubySpirit 2 0
Secret Valentine
Art Exchange for V-day!
I would really like to see three of my newest characters (Cam, Leaum, and Lila) in a V-day type thing :meow:
Perhaps something like:
-Lila's first Valentines day
-Lila planning a V-day surprise for Cam & Leaum and totally missing the mark (and embarassing the heck out of them)
-Lila going on a V-day candy spree (getting carried away and even sneaking candy away from others! (Ah Lila...what will I do with you...) so Cam and Leaum have to catch/stop her
Some info. on them: Lila is very quirky, and very child like-even when she's serious or upset she's never without a smile. Cam is serious, but bold, and outgoing. Leaum is quite, calm, and quick to frustrate (he and Cam have been friends for /years/ and have just met Lila. Though he and Cam are NOT a couple!).
Here's some references:
:iconrubyspirit:RubySpirit 2 0
Creating Characters, Where to Start? by CGCookie Creating Characters, Where to Start? :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 1,995 41 Emile by Sei00 Emile :iconsei00:Sei00 2,235 249 This life, it ends by MonsterBrand This life, it ends :iconmonsterbrand:MonsterBrand 1,345 49 Cockatiel Cheeks by Nambroth Cockatiel Cheeks :iconnambroth:Nambroth 1,448 202 A Werewolfs among us by Fenrirsha A Werewolfs among us :iconfenrirsha:Fenrirsha 149 30
Swimmerby - hersley
Praterby - batmantoo
For the Love of Musicby - yanjin
Nepal 42by - francescotosi
38Wby - noperson
Splashby - DerekCook
Muddy Milesby - banjoeskimo
18by - Yondus
Hoverby - Deemwun
:iconmarx77:MARX77 77 119




It's not made yet, but I will be making another account on DA soon.  When it is made, I will put a link here.

Anything that still needs to be put on this account will be put here.

Thank you for reading.
Edit (12/21/13):


Naomi "Norbez" Z
Artist | Varied
United States
I'm a Christian who likes to read and write, and writing is one of my best strengths.

I want to do and make things that are spiritually beneficial, things that let you examine yourself.

Current Residence: New Jersey


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