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Dwarf carpenter Bee


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Dwarf carpenter Bee 🐝

Hello all !!
An announcement 📣 here about my packaging. So finally after a lot of research and hard work I have made my packaging completely plastic free !! Yoohoo 😃 Also with this I am introducing my new “Certificate of Authenticity” here which is printed on recycled paper with a little gold foil for some bling ✨

Here you can see what comes in the box when you take one of my tiny art home. Firstly the artwork comes packed in a hand made hard board box 📦 covered with craft paper. Inside the box you will find my tiny art for your home 🏠, a small Species card containing basic information about the particular species you have got home so that you can know them well and with that you also get a small Art print (that print is actually top part of my calendar card, so I use my sample calendar cards as freebies so they get a new life)

I have also ordered for compostable mailers and paper tape (The paper tape I use right now is not very nice so I am hoping this will be better🤞) for packing the box. They will arrive soon. So this it my tiny story of packing. Hope you all like this and do let me know if you need any help in making your packaging more environmental friendly, I would love to help. Thank you for your support 🌟

Now enjoy this tiny bee siping some nectar and spreading happiness.
Ceratina smaragdula, of family Apidae, subfamily Xylocopinae, tribe Ceratinini, subgenus Pithitis. This is a small green carpenter bee, about 9-10mm in size, aptly called Dwarf Carpenter Bee.
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really cool :)

I'm really happy you've been able to go plastic-free with your packaging :)

some companies are starting to offer it around here, too, I think it's great progress, everything is recyclable or reusable :)

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So happy to know that you liked it and thank you so much for your support

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Your welcome 🙏

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Oh my goodness! This is such a beautiful presentation, and the amount of work you did to create this is truly outstanding! I absolutely love this!

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Thank you so much ☺️ so happy you liked it

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You are so very welcome!

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