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Steel and fire


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Here's an illustration I recently finished for a client. 
Inspired by Conan and Dragonlance, this artwork pushed me to learn a lot and it's been an inspiring journey.

Hope you like it!  
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Oh I reall< like how you make the setting here! I would like to ask if you offer comissions

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Thank you! I'm currently working on a few commissions, if you'd like to reserve one please let me know and I'll write you as soon as I'm available again :)

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"I am the Guardian of the Bridge. You must solve the riddles three. One:

What is your name? Two: Why do you wish to cross? Three: What is your

favorite color?"

A little Monty Python reference. Awesome work.

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Always appreciate a classic reference! Thanks :D

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I was going to say before reading the description, it has a flair of conan, I also like that each posture is in reaction to the situation their in, such as the woman at the back with the shield at the ready to the incoming arrow, the mage directing a spell to counter an attack, and so on.

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Thank you! I'm glad you noticed it :)

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