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NuzRookeSun is the official home of the Pokemon nuzlocke comic, NuzRooke Sun, which is a sequel to :icondragonwolfrooke:'s nuzlocke comic NuzRooke! The story follows the adventures of loveable dork Charles "Bark" Elm, the son of Professor Elm from Johto, and his adventures as a Pokemon trainer in Alola. Yearning to live up to Rooke, his inspiration and the protagonist of the original NuzRooke comic, Bark just wants to be a great trainer and be a legendary hero like she was! But he'll find that's easier said than done...

NuzRooke Sun is a massive collaborative project, bringing together the artistic, design, and storytelling skills of many artists. You can read the comic as it is posted here, interact with the other collaborators, or submit fan art of NuzRooke Silver or NuzRooke Sun. Members of the creation team can also submit their own artwork, so that folks reading the comic can get to know the work of the whole NuzRooke Sun Team!
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Howdy y'all! I have some news regarding NuzRooke Sun.
Many of you who followed the comic have, of course, expressed frustration in the lack of new pages. Understandably! It has been almost two years since the Rooke's Army team and I managed to complete a page. There've been a lot of factors to that - we've all been through job and schooling changes, new priorities, and of course an international pandemic.
On top of that, NuzRooke Sun from the outset was a much more ambitious project than its predecessor NuzRooke Silver. We wanted to explore the themes of Pokemon, develop the world-building, and tell a story with a much grander scope. It's a story that's still dear to my heart, but it's proven far too big for a team that can't devote their full attention to it.
Too big, that is...for a comic.
So, after a great deal of thought and discussion amongst Rooke's Army, we have decided to continue the a different format. We will post the WIP of Page 12, the last page that really got anything done on it. And then, going forward from there, NuzRooke Sun will be a picturelocke rather than a comic.
If you're unfamiliar with picturelockes, I did a few back in the day (Remnants, Misfits, both of which can be found in my personal gallery). The story will be written out with chapters, as traditional fan fiction, with an illustrated header picture that will show different scenes in the story.
Changing NuzRooke Sun to a picturelocke makes it much more achievable, in terms of telling the story to its completion. And since we in the Army still really want all of you to meet the characters and experience this story we love, this option is preferable to cancelling the project entirely!
Thank you for all of your support of this experimental collaboration story, and I hope that you enjoy the rest of it even if it is no longer a comic. Take care, and stay healthy!
- Rooke
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