Pokemon True Gale Halloween Beta 2 Release!

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The title explains it all, seriously.

Beta 1 was a disappointment in my opinion because of how short it was but I'v put a huge amount of work into Beta 2 and I think people will have a lot of fun with it.

Beta 2 introduces and will include:

Random Matchup  - Feature almost exactly like the one in Generation 5 (Thanks to PokeDagger for the help)

Sage Tournaments - A little side-quest/helping with training tournament.

Pokemon World Tournament - Again, thanks a lot to PokeDagger for helping me rip the tiles and the BW2 Overworlds.

Introduction to a bunch of new Support-Characters and the new Team Feature.
Later on in the True Gale story, players will acquire their own team called "True Knights". The player can call Team Members at the Pokemon Center each time one is recruited to hear their opinions on what's currently happening in Rasen and their opinions on other teammates. Each member will give you some kind of information that can help you during your quest.

The Quest System that I'v gotten a lot of good feedback on is also going to be present, and with the Quest System is the "Who's That Pokemon?" feature where you can get special medals and other prizes depending on a number of things like how fast you clear it, how many items you picked up, how many times a Pokemon fainted during the quest, ect.

Cilan's Trailer Feature is also present and it's kind of like another form of transportation for the players who're too lazy to walk on over to another route or city. In order to use this feature, you have to clear the Cilan Egg Quest before he takes the liberty of riding you around the region.

And finally, True Gale Beta 2 introduces Generation 5.5 Pokemon. These Pokemon are exclusive Pokemon that were created by Giratina in the Distortion World. These Pokemon somehow escaped from the Distortion World and now live alongside the Pokemon of the real world, and vice versa.

I just upgraded to Essentials Version 10 and so the new menu that I had planned for release with Beta 2 might not be present.

Oh and, the reason why it's called True Gale HALLOWEEN Beta 2 is because a number of NPCs have their text changed to match the goolish spirit and 2 new Quests that are for Halloween only will be included.

I hope you all will give Beta 2 and enjoy it as much as I did making it.
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