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Hanging At The Daycare

Just outside of Neo City and on Route 16 rests the Neo City Daycare Center, or Neo Daycare for short.

A small but comfortable place, trainers looking to learn how to breed or raise their Pokemon a bit for the Neo City Gym, PWT, or the other two Gyms on the island can come straight here.

From looking at the screen, you can see you'll be traveling with Barry throughout this route on the first go because he's lost Master Ken and needs someone to proceed with, and then there's the Magma Grunts who'll you confront later on...

Credits to :iconriansky: for the tree tiles
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Why is everything so horibly resized ? And the shadows are not transparent?
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I only resized one thing and that was the trees? And I haven't been working on the shadows until I'm nearing beta release.
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... When will your game come out? :D
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Well there is a playable demo :)
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There is?... Where!? :D