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beautiful self portrait - very surreal
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ei pah és a cara xapada do teu trabalho!
Belle-De-Jour's avatar
wow!!! :aww:
mt glam punk esta pic!!
Adorei a galeria. Excelente,mesmo. Fogo, consegues fazer trabalhos magníficos. :clap:
kicks ass....wuhahaha
diosaperdida's avatar
I agree, you do look like David Bowie
Other than that...this foto is very enchanting, I love the serious expression.
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All that artistic talent and a stud as well. You won the lottery my friend!
hempingway's avatar
are you satan? ;)
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Nice portrait... Yes, very good looking :D
vshjaar's avatar
Bloody hell mate - u need more sun - u look so pale! :P

Seriously they are all right - Bowie fer sure! Helped by no small amount by the desaturation of your left eye - u should recolour this with Red/blonde hair & Blue/hazel eyes!!!

And put sum make-up or tattoos on...

Wicked - I won't show to my aunt or she'll stalk you - BIG Bowie fan...
neurotron's avatar
scary ... very ... ;)
u definitly look like an artist (this is meant to be a compliment)
o-portista's avatar
so po rapaz q t acontceu?;)

c2de's avatar
scary... hahaha.. that's cool :)
nuvem's avatar
I like Zigi :)
chymera's avatar
labyrinth!!! argh scared teh crap out fo me... david bowie and his goddamn cod piece... very interesting shot though...
falanga's avatar
:) Nice shot ! Yeah you relly look like David Bowie :)
gnaime's avatar
Haha David Bowie indeed.
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lol, yo 2 people have added this to their favorites. take care or you'll have stalkers following you around there in Portugal, next year is Portugoooooaaaaaaal so you neve know who might cross the pond ;)

oooops, did i say where you are? :D

keeping your thing and sharing with us here on deviantart :thumbsup:
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i like your goatee/sopad. :D
martango's avatar
can i still ur hair :P haha, nice indeed :P
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china's avatar
YES!!!! Helders Back! One more reason to get up in the morning. =)
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