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I like to draw and create stuff. I also enjoy seeing other people's ideas and creations. Most of the time, anyway.

I also have YouTube channel…

I should also mention I'm working on an OFFICIAL continuation to BIONICLE (I dont work for LEGO )wish I did) its a community thing I'm starting)
See 'BIONICLE Project Anouncement' for further details.

I also watch 'My little Pony: Friendship is Magic', and there is no shame in that...

...Well, there used to not be

Favourite Visual Artist
Leonardo DaVinci, as for today's artists, I havent selected any yet
Favourite Movies
Transformers 1 through 3, BIONICLE 1 through 4, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turltes, the Love Bug series, Predator, Alien, Star Wars 1 through 6, and Indiana Jones 1 through 4
Favourite TV Shows
Transformers Prime, Chuck, Spongebob, 30 Rock, Stargate SG1
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Linkin Park, Relient K, TobyMac, and Weird Al
Favourite Books
Holes, the BIONICLE series, the Timebenders, Alex Rider, Harry Potter
Favourite Writers
Anthony Horowitz, Rick Riordan, J.K. Rowling
Favourite Games
I can't think of any
Favourite Gaming Platform
None, except maybe PC
Other Interests
Writing, cooking, driving, Locomotives
So apparently the next Transformers film 'Rise of the Beasts' has been delayed from next year, to the year AFTER in 2023. I'm already having my suspicions about this next movie for a lot of reasons [one of many being the sub-title just has no impact to it, unlike basically every other subtitle before it, plus all the G1-pandering aesthetic holdovers from Bumblebee that just did not look good at all] and while its very easy to explain away the delay as being due to Covid and the fallout from that, basically any delay on a film that I suspect will be bad raises my suspicions. That said, though, it is worth noting that 'Bumblebee' released only a year after 'The Last Knight', with basically only a year's worth of production, and it really shows through the very bland and cliched script. ROTB, however, will have had five years worth of production time before it's release, so there's a CHANCE that it will actually improve from the bottom of the barrel status of Bumblebee. Then again
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Annual Halloween/Nightmare Night video is up on time! [Check the vid description for the long story behind this vid's production] Happy Halloween/Nightmare Night, everyone!
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Just an idea; but wouldn't it have been an interesting development if Applejack's mother was an Orange instead of a Pear? Them being of entirely different cultural backgrounds would make for easy conflict, and a backstory about Pear Butter [or whatever her alternative orange name would be. Orange Marmalade-? I dunno'] falling in love with the country life and working hard to adapt and win the respect of the doubtful country folk, especially winning over Bright Mac, is just a lot more pleasant and straightforward a story to follow. Not to mention, this would add an immense amount of weight to young AJ deciding to live with her Aunt and Uncle Orange in the TCMC, seeing as either of them would be the sibling of her deceased mother, and AJ's story would retroactively even parallel her mother's. Come to think of it; we never do see Aunt and Uncle Orange, ever again, do we?
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writerqueenofjewels' comment: I believe one of the reasons people tend to latch onto executive meddling as an excuse because it’s a much easier reality to except than the fact that some creators, including themselves, are not as great as art and stories as they like to think and the idea that there are some tropes people need to chill out on is still an uncomfortable idea for many people, especially on this hellsite

Its really hard to argue with any of this. Sure, executive meddling does and has existed, but the especially big problem with this era is that the creators hired are ultimately too stupid and too compliant to actually make any strides, or even anything good.

I'm of the belief that the industry both does and doesn't want progressive elements in their properties; they want the attention, but they either don't care about or even don't want those pesky details that actually matter. Of course basically none of the creators fought for better rep in their shows; they're mostly too dumb and spineless to realize they need to. That's probably WHY they were hired

Thoughts on this quote-sample?

"Shitty people/Scumbags WANT you to be the 'bigger person', it means there's no consequences for their actions."

In regards to those specific people; usually, though some will prefer their opponents get really angry so that said scumbags can look like the better person.

Some other people also just want their opponents to be 'the bigger person' because they genuinely don't want angry arguments full of insults, as they see those generally going nowhere

I'm kind of two minds about this;

On the one hand, the observation about it being mostly nobodies who go after Peet with long vids, because easy targets like Peet and MrEnter get the clicks, still holds true.

On the other, I have noticed a consistent tendency for Peet to not actually look into almost any of the videos talking about him [the exception being Sarah Z] and thus he makes assumptions about such videos and their respective creators and might get the details wrong.

In an ironic sort of way, its like how Josh will agree certain pieces of MLP media are bad; but get the why completely wrong in the process [although at least Peet has the excuse of having not actually seen said content, while Josh has a sponge for a brain]