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Windows 8 Aero Cursors Black

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Published: December 3, 2012
© 2012 - 2020 nuuvo
I recently lost my custom black Vista Aero cursors by accident, so I had to do new ones, thought I might as well base them on the Windows 8 cursors (I'm still on Windows 7).
I put a little more work into them then the Vista ones, because I made sure the fills were completely white before inverting them this time, so you don't have those sort of inner glows (where they first had innner shadows) like most black Vista Aero cursors out there. Also gave the 'not allowed' and 'loading but clickable' cursors the same 'no tail' styling as I saw on new ones for OS X, because I really liked that. Had to keep the L and XL sizes for those in their normal style though, because otherwise they wouldn't fit their 48px canvas, of course I did blacken the pointer parts for the 'loading but clickable' ones.
Although you don't see it in the preview, of course they have white outlines.

Anyways, lots of words for a simple thing, but I just thought I might not be the only one that wanted to use these.

Note: I prefer installing these by completely removing or renaming the original Aero cursors and replacing them with the modified ones, in stead of just selecting them from the mouse pointer tab one your mouse properties window, because this way they show up on the logon screen as well.


Update: Added a black hand alternative.
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RazorbackEdgeHobbyist Filmographer

Beautiful. Thanks

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it's like the mac os x cursors in a windows variant.

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HI. When these nice cursors to GNU/Linux??
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This is AWSOME!!!!!!!
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is there a normal white in large size?
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Where is instalator?
WajruSs's avatar
Where is downloader?
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nuuvoProfessional Interface Designer
There's not. Gotta do this by hand, that's more thorough :D
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Supra-ArtzHobbyist General Artist
Catrmanbenga's avatar
can u make the hand icon black aswell?
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There is pictures in the rar file but those pictures are don't relevant with cursors. lol
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Where is the text select cursor?
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nuuvoProfessional Interface Designer
Unchanged, as that is black anyway :D
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Many thanks! Working perfectly on Win10.

Edit: Could you post a working cursor with normal size like the L or XL (with the little busy circle over it)?
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nuuvoProfessional Interface Designer
I made those once, because I got bored of these too, but they somehow where glitchy on Windows 8. But since then I've been running the L sizes due to running 1920x1080 on a 13" VAIO Pro. I might remake this pack soon, I miss customizing :D
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mariojuggernaut23Hobbyist Photographer
going to use it on windows 10
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This cursor fits well with the theme i'm using.
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seems like i'm gonna make a cursor pack based on this, may i?
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nuuvoProfessional Interface Designer
Bit late, but of course!
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Thank you very much. I had trouble finding my cursor with that much screen space.
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Worked Perfectly, after I changed the Cursor folder's permissions!
1. (In Windows 8.1, at least) Go to File Explorer
2. "C: (C:)" (or your default bootable drive)
3. "Windows"
4. Right click "Cursors"
5. "Properties"
6. "Security"
7. "Advanced"
8. Owner "change"
9. Type in your user name in all caps followed by
10. "\" then "Users" or "Administrators" (ex: NAME\Users), then "Check Names" & "OK"
11. Find the user you just put, then "Edit", check "Full Control", & "OK"
12. "Apply", "Yes", "OK"
13. Open the downloaded .zip folder from the "Download" button on the right of this page, then Ctrl + A + C
14. Open the "Cursors" folder, then Ctrl + V (without clicking on a file first)
15. "Replace the files in the destination", "Do this for all current items", & "Continue"
16. Change the permissions back (uncheck Full Control, Modify, & Write)
17. Close the window(s)
18. Control Panel
19. "Hardware and Sound"
20. Under "Devices and Printers" click "Mouse"
21. "Pointers"
22. Click the drop-down menu and select "Windows Default (system scheme)", clicking "Windows Default (large) (system scheme)" or "Windows Default (extra large) (system scheme)" if you want
23. "Apply" & "OK"
24. Close Control Panel window
25. Yay! New pointers!
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nuuvoProfessional Interface Designer
Exactly ;)
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Cool! Thanx for this! :D
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can You make installer?
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