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An illustration for a project: Nü-Gua, the Chinese goddess of creation. This is supposed to illustrate the creation myth.

Edit: As for the name, there are several pronunciations for it. A simple search will turn up Nu-Kwa, Nu-Kua, Nu-Wa, among others. Chinese itself is a language with many dialects, and translated into English, there is no sure way of making sure it's 100% correct.

Wiki says it's Nu-Wa.
Encyclopedia Mythica says it's Nu-Gua. [link]
In Cantonese it's pronounced Nu Wo.
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I envy other cultures for worshiping sexy dragon-chicks as part of their creation myths when we were stuck with lame Judeo-Christian lore.
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I love how this picture depicts the humans she put time and effort into creating (the ones in her hand) and the "rush job" mud glob people she created by flinging a mud covered rope around. So much of the mythology is pictured in this image!
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its beautiful :)
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JuliaHVTStudent General Artist
beautiful ~! =o
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JuliaHVTStudent General Artist
=D you are very welcome
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RobertoTodericoProfessional Digital Artist
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nice!! very pretty - love the clouds!! overall a GREAT pic! fav.
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anoccomirStudent General Artist
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D-GATESHobbyist Photographer
beautiful spirit!
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This is so amazingly beautyfull!!!!!!!1
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svet-svetProfessional Digital Artist
You have been featured in my journal [link]
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WinMushHobbyist General Artist
I like the expression on her face, very goddess-ish. I've always imagined her to be more chubbier tho.
Very cool piece you have here, but I cant figure out what is that circle thing with the two brush ends. Is it the tool she use to create?
Again, this is very cool, thanks for refreshing my memory of this old tale:)
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Your gallery is amazing!! :)
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TrillzeyProfessional Digital Artist
Dude, I like how your colouring has matured over time, and the composition too. The anatomy and stuff is getting surer of itself... DAMN I want an art education. ;/ lovely stuff, especially the details and colours in her clothes.
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Yaayy I'm glad i'm improving. To be honest I don't think school has helped all that much, as it's mostly about design. Well... I shouldn't say that, life drawing definately helps.
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TrillzeyProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah... I wanna learn life drawing, or at least techniques and stuff. I feel so naked without them.
I had life drawing for one semester, it WAS really benificial.
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Yeah. Well, internet tuturials, books, magazines, etc are all pretty useful. Or I guess I'm just more inclined to pay attention when I feel like it, rendering class... somewhat moot. (Is usually sleeping)
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TrillzeyProfessional Digital Artist
yeah.... true... sorry mom, I give up on uni again!
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Heheheh... just as planned.
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I would like your permission to use a thumbnail or detail of this image on my website: [link] The thumbnails would be no more than 200 pixels wide and in proportion to that size. Here is an example of how the image would be used: [link] . As I am not making income from this page at this time, I cannot offer payment.

In return I would provide inbound links to your site on the Nu Kwa page, marked copyrighted in the alt text and in the page text, and your name would be listed with the other artists who have allowed me to use their images: Hrana Janto, Susan Stanton, Suzanne Cheryl Gardner, and Jane E. Ward. At this time I am getting about 150 hits a week.

I have hot link protection for my site, and I am working on a no-copy script to protect the images.
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Sure, go right ahead. :)
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Wawa I love the texture! The background texture looks great too! It looks like pieces of the Earth all crackly and stuff :B At first I thought that circle-bar thing was a smoking pipe with smoke coming out of the other end, but now it's starting to look like a brush or something. Well, anyways, I love the shape. I love the clouds too! Yay clouds 8D I mean smoke, maybe? + I love the flow of the fabric : D<333
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Very lovely, I like the textures and your interpretation of it.
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