Mistborn: Kelsier
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Kelsier from Mistborn: The Final Empire. I love this boook!!
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The Mistborn series is amazing, you did am incredible job with Kel!!
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Silvanne|Hobbyist General Artist
Love it!
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SheryLocks|Hobbyist General Artist
The scars are very well done. Love it!
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ncfwhitetigress|Student General Artist
i thought the scars were supposed to be in the opposite direction, lengthwise along his arms
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LostOddity's avatar
This is gorgeous! I love his expression and pose. The way you've done his scars is lovely too.
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TimeLady427|Hobbyist Writer
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LovelyDevyl|Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Oh my <3 such a badass Kell It's really really really cool <3
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Majorfreakingcupcake|Hobbyist General Artist
I love Kel. Ommmg- He's just so sassy and perky and-- aaaaagh
Cute old person.
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kawashima|Hobbyist General Artist
I love this!  Yay Kell!
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It's good to see that people other than me have read and actually like the books enough to seriously draw stuff =P

Although the scars on his arms are supposed to go lengthwise up his arms...  from shoving them into the atium crystal bumps.... 
Still like it though.
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Freckledsleeper|Hobbyist General Artist
A perfect Kel!
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ninja-kitties|Student Filmographer
Mistborn: the only fantasy series I have ever read to leave me with a lasting fear of coins and body piercing.
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ReginatheQueen's avatar
So very well said, my friend.
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ninjaelric|Student General Artist
Loving Kel's expression, the way you drew him really shows his personality :) Great work~
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LunaWriter's avatar
I just found these books, and I think this is a very nice painting of Kel. I really like the colors in the shadows, having never been very good with that myself. :)
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peetasokka|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I. Love. Kelsier. The end. :D :D :D
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BevanThomas's avatar
Great use of colour. The character's generally ruddiness gives him strong texture and depth.
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lemurofevil's avatar
Love the expression on Kel's face!
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chojnacki's avatar
I think you really managed to show Kelsier's personality on that one :)
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It's nice to see some mistborn fanart! : D
Is that coin I spot? Nice detail ~
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CommanderKip|Student General Artist
Love how you did the scars on his arms.
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SimbaTheHuman's avatar
Not really how I imagined him, but it's Kell so it's amazing no matter what <3
Easily my favorite character
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laurilein|Student General Artist
I feel exactly the same :D
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Fond-Memories's avatar
It's really nice to see some more Mistborn fanart, especially a piece of Kell! XD God I loved him. This is a great pic! I love his expression! I also love the scars on his arms, though I could have sworn they were all supposed to be vertical; it has been awhile since I last read the books, so who knows? Anyways, great job!
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