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Deadly Premonition Sketchdump (contains spoilers)

So much fanart!
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The picture of York with the axe is just the best. 
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I faved this earlier today but I keep suddenly remembering "so, Zach, are you excited for the Oscars?" and just laughing out loud so I felt I needed to tell you how perfect and good this is.
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I really like the way you draw faces.
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Last one, priceless.
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All of these are great! I particularly love the comic at the end. xD
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Ahh, I :heart: this! York asking Zach about the Oscars while tied up makes me laugh every time I see it. :aww:
I also like the cool perspective and shadows on the one of him with the axe and the red seed on his tongue! :D
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Oh my gosh, I love that game so much! I'm so happy that you did fanart for it; I seriously love your art!! <33
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All I can say is deadlypremonitionwhistletheme.mp3 .
Cheesecake-giri's avatar
Deadly Premonition, hell yes!
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Oh, wow! This is so great! Seeing such great art for this game just makes me downright happy, don'cha know. <3

Really, you did an awesome job. Your style's really cool and everything's solid and lovely.
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Awesome! Love your style.
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best fucking game ever
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These are fantastic! Thanks for posting them.
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These are really nice!:D
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Awww look at all these good babies!! Good job! <33 I love the Thomas in the corner too.
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Thank-you!! <3 I love Thomas too!
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SO MUCH FEELS oh god I wasn't expecting those feels from this game

and then there was feels ;A;/
nuu's avatar
YES I KNOW. ;__;
I was watching the epilogue at work and I'm just like OMG ZACH I WANT TO GIVE YOU A THOUSAND HUGS and I was tearing up at work. ;___;
SO SAD. ;~~~~;

I'd like a sequel actually, but I'm not sure how much I want to see Zach in it, except as a side character. What do you think?
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A sequel might be fun, but I'd agree with Zach being a side character. His story is done, but there has to be other interesting agents!

slkdfjldsk Zach ;___; I was like "nooo your best friend abloobooboo"
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Yeah! I do like York though, even without his mysterious past I like his funky personality and his quirks.

AND YEAH. ;_____; omg yoorrrkkk
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I haven't played, I watched run throughs and then popped upon this: [link] Ahaha! thought you might enjoy it
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Yeeah I've been watching a playthrough too, while waiting for the PS3 version to come out. I'll check out that link!
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