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Easter Pinup

not completely satisfied with the end result but i am not touching it any more.
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nice work
specially the colors you have used are great
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Много ми харесва как се е получило и метода ти на оцветяване! Каква програма си използвала? Само Фотошоп или и друга?
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photoshop samo :)
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Браво! Случйно да имаш някакви туториали :Р
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ъм не,сори не съм правила
aTmAo's avatar
i really got shocked last month when i saw this nice design

i'm gonna tattoo on wednesday this design to honor the best easter pinup I ever saw!!!

sorry for my english
Nutthead's avatar
LOL! Send me a photo PLZ! :D
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today i had almost half work made, on saturday it's finished...

the girl is finished and the colors are a little dark cause my skin has swollen but the result it's gonna be fantastic

where can i send it???
aTmAo's avatar
im kinda dumb asking where can i send it....

just go to my gallery =P
aTmAo's avatar
its finished!!!
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This piece has great personality. Well done! :+fav:
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Freakin noice =O
Nutthead's avatar
lol thanks mate :D
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me loves dem bunnies!!! :love:
fan4battle's avatar
У- w o w ! ! ! o __ O
От известно време не следя, и... ах! Не че се учудвам де, то от тебе се очаква големи неща да правиш! :D
LadiehBinkieh's avatar
lovely colouring! :clap:
str4yk1tt3n's avatar
this is so adorable and cutely naughty.
adrianperezacosta's avatar
Mmmmm, naughty bunnies, they are.
debaxtard's avatar
hope i was the rabbit who standed on the top of the egg, ,touched her underwear, and saw..hihihihihihihi.. :D
oh good work..i like it.. :love:
Perscar's avatar
Good enough, I say.
peach's avatar
funny! overall well done :+fav:
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