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[SFM/DL] Background Pony Expansion Pack

Download to the top-right >>>

Contains 23 extra Background characters for use in Source Filmmaker.  They probably work in GMOD somehow, somethings changed with the way you install them since I've last played. I Can't help you troubleshoot problems in GMOD if they arent working correctly. 

These are the extra models I made using the source files from :iconponinnahka: for my "True True Friend" video. They are technically all just 'recolored' models pieced together differently and I didn't physically change the shape of any models or hair or anything ( I have tried, Maya plugin will NOT work...I gave up), I only picked the pieces that were available that best matched the cartoon, compiled them and made some new skins. And these all use the Cartoon style eyes vs the realistic. If you want the realistic shiny lookin eyes you'll have to find the original 'iris.vtfs' in the overhaul pack.

I used… as a reference to find the closest match and for naming. They MAY not all be accurate and some simply dont have names. I even named one of them "Trumpeter" cuz I couldnt find a good match.

This should work like any other models you add into SFM, drag and drop the materials and models folder to where they usually go.

This should also work stand alone, otherwise it has (almost) the same file structure as the VN_MLP pony overhaul pack and should merge into it just fine. These are nested into an extra model folder, which I guess the compiler automatically puts everything in, but I had it written in the .qc file.... But at least it will separate them then I guess

The included COMMON Folder is a direct copy of the Overhaul pack so if you combine it into that, you do not need to copy that folder.
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The download link is not working