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By Nushulica
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Talent   Dream like world in a bubble
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........... When I looked over to my right monitor to see what song was playing on "Mr.SuicideSheeps" page I froze in awe over this picture. It's absolutely breathtaking to the song that plays....
This is great work Nushulica! Keep it up!
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Thank you so much for your words.
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thanks for the wallpaper!:D (Big Grin) 
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Amazing *-* So pretty ~
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Absolutely LOVE! Fantastic work
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wow! this is amazing!
Would you be willing to create a tutorial for this image? I would like to create a tomato plant in that kind of bubble, and create some sort of logo for my family farm company. 

Btw beautiful image :)
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Hi, I believe that somebody may have stolen your artwork and posted it on 500px. I have also commented on the photo at that location, informing people that it is stolen. Here's the link:…
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Thank you.
Some peoples make the difference........bad difference .....and yes, it my artwork ....
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What was cinema 4d used in this? It just looks photoshopped.
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Bubble was created in cinema 4d.....the backround in PS.
This user:… help me with the is my imagination.
I hope you understand what i`m saying.
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How is this a resource for c4d though? 
Thats the category you have it in. I don't see this being anymore than a stock image. Nothing to do with c4d. 

Yea I understand I've been using c4d for 10 years thats what I was curious as to why this is in the cinema 4d category. You didn't upload a file for c4d.

You should change this to photo manipulation. Its misleading as it is. 
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