Humorous Mr. Finger's tips
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Sometimes a creative idea can be right there: on your finger-tips :giggle:

Ladies and Gents, let me introduce to you MR. FINGER: :bow:

He is the Boss by mashita Be Happy. by see-you-again :thumb107108425: :thumb31966580: :thumb104752279: smile by rapemeboy Happy finger by Jacko2007 the lonely finger by thebleedinghearts Finger Face by Stathis Mr. Finger Smiley by crazy-chinita-chick Mr. Finger by Nippalony finger vs sky by xTeffix

Mr finger is not always happy:

Sad Finger by fatfatmcfatty :thumb113044567: mr. finger by Maejnen :thumb83033350: Bad Finger by brunettephotographer Evil Finger by Rockmaruji +The Finger Says It All+ by Vampyre-Princess Shame finger by VampireSchulz :thumb103862760: :thumb107109231: Finger Forest by musiclvr7 Dont leave me alone by Miss-JaYtO13 Mr.BadAss Finger by Frij0Lit0 Angry Finger by theIwitcher manic depressive finger by thedofradanc :thumb107108795: Dunce by paperdolldreams Mister Finger by lifelessphotographer FINAL FINGER REFLECTION by coiffure My bad finger by ebilsouldreamer

Mr. Finger has a lot of personalities:

Finger Dude by piratinglelvenpyro8 Ohmygosh where is it ?? by Bluetenzauber :thumb17772430: Mr.Happy Finger by InADream My finger by braila19 Finger King by halogenlampe ough xD by Bluetenzauber :thumb31425508: :thumb31299108: Bunny-Finger by Ralph-xx The Finger Sisters by betong : finger ninja by DirEnGreyX15 finger painting by SkaterEthan gingerbread man by koksuel Mr Finger by BodaciousCreator Islamic finger.. by manmooon :thumb120210588: Finger by bubblesrcool SANTA-FINGER :D by 4seasons223 Joker Finger by MyMaSs Finger Bear by blindskater2 :thumb82941636: :thumb32300562: :thumb95451179: :thumb88595081: :thumb78669657: Frederique the french finger by trymedo Finger Fly by xfallxoutxgirlsx Finger guy by snupi2001 :thumb46415251: :thumb87868790: :thumb44364234:   finger-creature by talyti Pirate johno by analy dactylosaurus rex by teekoucha The finger journey by Pedicon Hello by blackest Virtuous Finger by WTFBBQSAUCE :thumb31299108: Bunny-Finger by Ralph-xx

Mr. Finger sometimes falls in love:

heart on the finger by maaalin Finger Love by Lorddarphyve Finger Love by EscapeTheDarkness cuddle-ish by ya7obeelk happy christmas by ranczandras ..Fingers make love.. by KissMeAgainKitty :thumb68340451: me the love story by bittersweetvenom :thumb45009124:

Mr. Finger has a big family:
Le conseguenze dell'amore by Propaganda-Panda mummified finger by therealarien Finger Familly by ryori :thumb33960238: finger-gang by bellat :thumb88361142: Finger faces by Kaywa A Thumb Is Not A Finger. by wjacks14 :thumb105672727: finger kisses by seashelby Finger Ninjas by LeFreaks ouch by sysygy finger family by kuning Finger family :3 by zackfox123 :thumb95172591: :thumb74486562: Finger Friends by shane1551 :thumb95238669: the gaang by splendoris

Mr. Finger sometimes has a bad end:
Ouch by ya7obeelk :thumb107108795: :thumb64244946: Finger Fight of Doom by fizz112 :NotHappyPlz: by iamyourleader ough xD by Bluetenzauber Fingers- The Revenge by sabby64 :thumb23570785: :thumb63347683: Dont leave me alone by Miss-JaYtO13 fainted by camillaandersen Got shot by nessus-labs dead finger by alexandmia my poor index finger by jgrofan Dead dude by ugi90 :thumb101154548: Finger food. by Mr-Sarcasm :thumb23749828: Death finger by Alephunky Dead Finger by bayat :thumb14804053:

And don't forget Mr. Finger relatives: The Toe family!
My Many Faces by cyanideteaparties Yum by Foxy-Feet Smile by cheshirekatt113 Happy Feet. by cassimonium happy toes by SProxo Happy Toes by chalkblueyes :thumb87493018: :thumb108016785: :thumb68545718: :thumb34467487: :thumb97912093: happy toes by SaveThe-Stars Five fellows,happy fellows by TwinkyGreenPenguin Happy Toes by therenody14 Happy Feet by whimsicalfaerie Emoticon Toes 8D by iluvhorsez-25 :thumb113651996: :thumb40216764: mood-swinging toes by pocketo Oh Noes Toes O3O by iluvhorsez-25 :thumb119918415:

Have I make you smile? Thank all the bright artist here on DA and show them some love! :D :D :D
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paperdolldreamsHobbyist Photographer
This is too cute.
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Thanks a bunch for the feature! It's an honor!
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i love this feature :)
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Thanks for the feature.
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paperdolldreamsHobbyist Photographer
Best news ever!!!!
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coiffureHobbyist Photographer
hahah! what a wonderful collection
thanks for the feature :)
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Pepe: Wow thanks for featuring my finger. Didn't think there was so many pictures of fingers with faces. Nice collection. and thx again!
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maanx3Student General Artist
oooouun *-* love love love
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thx for the feature, you made a special little finger very happy :)
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Thanks for the Feature and an awesome collection
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thanks :)
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thank you XD
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thanks for the feature!:D
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Haha! Thank you!
Thanks for the feature
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bright-natureHobbyist General Artist
ahahahaa!!! loved them those lil fingers can be just too creative :D
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fizz112Hobbyist Photographer
wow nice collection of fingers,
hope they're not all on one hand!

and thanks for including one of mine! yay
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thanks for the feature :D
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That's awesome!!!!
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lol this is awesome! XD
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LuliTheBunny Digital Artist
thanks a lot for the feature!!! ^^
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