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The moment everyone was waiting for...

My commissions are now open!!
Check here for more informations: Commissions & Info

Payments only via PayPal.


Me and General Offensive we did something special that will come out in early 2017

Stay tuned on my Youtube Channel and SoundCloud page, and don't forget to follow me on Twitter for more news of my works! 
Happy New Year Guys! :happybounce: Heart 

Youtube: ;Ring Emoticon S3+K 

SoundCloud: ;Ring Emoticon S3+K 

Twitter: ;Ring Emoticon S3+K 

Something by NuryRush

Follow me on Twitter and Facebook for the latest art and news, i'll be very happy if you're going to do it! Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 

Thank you for your attention! Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 

Commissions--News by NuryRush

Welcome back again Sonic Designers! Ring Emoticon S3+K 

The Commissions are now open for:

- Logos
- Icons
- Wallpapers
- Drawings

How are you? It's long time since i don't do some commissions and write a little Journal here.
There will be some surprises for the 25th anniversary of Sonic The Hedgehog that i don't want to tell you! (pss, awesome wallpapers and other amazing things). Sonic Boom Tails Sly Face 

And nothing, that's all for now, i'm waiting for the new Sonic's game, i hope that will be awesome!
I love you all, thanks for the support even if i'm not here for months, i really appreciate this! Ring Emoticon S3+K 

Oh, and check some sweet and awesome drawings of my girlfriend here: XxxMikalxxX's Art Pink Heart Icon 

See you in the next Journal, #ThisIsNuryRush
We're proud to announce new release of the larger map of Minecraft was dedicated to the entire classic Sonic The Hedgehog era, all areas are equal to the original mapping, everything you see in this trailer is not finished yet, we are still in alpha stage, but we are going for the final version, stay tuned! 

Attention: This is not Sonic Craft.

Follow us and help us to build the Sonic Memories Project.

Trailer of Alpha:…

Follow us and Contact us:…
We hope in this Project, thank you for your attention.

Best regards

- NuryRush

My special 100 Watchers, i do 10 logos for 5 slots, tell me in comments what do you want! 



1.Gamerverise - The Chaos Layer Logo (Sonic Hack) 

2.MauKittyCat - FC Logo

3.SpindashDathottness - Custom Logo

4.facundogomez - Sonic Runners Style Logo 

                                       5.Sapphire1X7 - Megaman Logo


6.SketchyLynx - FC Logo
7.OtisElevatorDrawer1 - Sonic Runners Style Logo
8.Blue-Rebelle - FC Logo
9.Angelthefox98 - FC Logo
10.KyraTheDemonWolf99 - OC Logo


Ewwwyeaahh! Yeah  100 WATCHERS - TARGET ACHIEVED! by NuryRush

I reached 100 Watchers, thanks to all, I appreciate that, you followed, commented and put my logos in your favorites,
thank you so much! :happybounce:  To thank you, I'll do 10 logos of Sonic on request, for free, no points or more, 5 logos for time, 5 slot!

And what to say, perhaps you will not be much, but for me it's a good initial goal! I hope to reach 200 as soon as possible! It begins, rock it! Breakdancing Sonic Icon Sanicplier Shuffle Emoticon 
Hello My first commissions! Aww yeah 

I do all kinds of logos, especially those of video games :bademoticon:

I open because i need points to take premium, and because i'm bored and the inspiration leave me alone :bademoticon:

Have a good day!Kawaii Grin Face Emoji 
Hi guys! Sonic HD is a project a little 'similar to that of S2HD, however, a return to the old origins, starting from Green Hill.
I am very confident in the project, and short, even the social pages where you can follow the development of this!

Obviously i'm in thanks to MarkProduction for nominated me in the HD sprites and assets/logos artist!

THANK U! :bademoticon: Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]
Se you soon!


It 's teaser trailer for Sonic Runners, you can find it here: [link] La la la la 

A intrigues me very much, for the logo I expected something more complicated, and more similar to those already made a few month ago .. But it is not bad, I really like it!

The thing that worries me is that it does not weigh very much, this is my only concern, but ok! :happybounce:

And .. what to say? Aspect that comes out in our Store! :D (Big Grin)
Have a good day. Sonic Runners Official Logo Remade by NuryRush

Hello everyone, I'm back after a long absence, the Internet would not operate at all, and therefore 'I would not do anything, I just hope not succeed, so I'll have to switch carriers, so' ..

And what to say, just this little absence, I'm still alive, do not worry!
And sorry for my bad english Wink/Razz 

Nury Rush The Hedgehog 16th style by NuryRush

Now the alpha demo of Sonic Memories is now available!

Download it from here:…

First demo of the map, 1.0.0, with the advance there will be modifications and changes to the Vare areas and textures, stay updated on the YouTube channel and Facebook page!



Enjoy! Sonic Memories Official Logo by NuryRush
In this period I'm working on a map of Minecraft on Sonic with my friends called Sonic Memories, with all the games from the Genesis era to Modern! Warning, this is absolutely not the same as a map SonicCraft, is totally different. We're still working. If you want to see updates on the map just go to the Facebook…
And put I like it! :D 

Support us!