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Sonic's 25th Anniversary 2016 Logo

Hey hey hey hey!

I'm finally back from the dead, some projects and.. laziness. I'm lazy, yes.

This is the NEW anniversary logo that i have seen in the Sonic The Hedgehog's Facebook group, and i have decided to make an HD version from sketch. Hope you like it!


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Can I use this for a picture I'm making? I will give you credit for the logo.
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Can I use it for an artwork please ? I will credit you.
I'm still hesitating with this one though...
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Do you think you could try and make just the lettering it's own separate logo please?
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Is this free to use? or no?
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Nice! Almost looked like you ripped it from the site xD
Rumors say the new sonic game this year will have a new chao garden... man I hope so! ^_^
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I hope too!

We can hope in a Sonic Adventure 3.
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VERY cool! I have the same problem about deadness and projects and laziness. XD
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Thanks, ehrr, laziness..
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I noticed that the word "ANNIVERSARY" also uses the font named "Impact" like the word "THE HEDGEHOG".

BTW, That's very nice. I'm gonna try my recreation. :-)
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In the logo.
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I don't see any 25th Sonic's official anniversary logo with the impact font on ANNIVERSARY word :b
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When I try put in it, It also match.
And what font you use on the word "ANNIVERSARY"

BTW, this is my recreation.

NEW Sonic 25th Anniversary Logo Recreation by DjSMP
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It need more details and effects, and it have too bright colors, is not the same like the original logo.. But it's ok!
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I'm really looking forward to Sonic Adventure 3 in 2016, hopefully it's on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Wii U.
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I hear we're getting a new movie...

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