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Link? Zelda? I don't know, but I want this game.

HYPED. I need to know more.

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DelicateUlysses-sama's avatar
This is a great piece! :D
He's still shrouded in mystery though...
Nuryfury's avatar
Thanks! And definitely. Can't wait to see more revealed!
xKricky's avatar
Super cute!
It's been confirmed that it is boy Link after all.
Nuryfury's avatar
(thanks!) ah well. All the speculation was super fun while it lasted!
Kieroni101's avatar
That is amaaazing! I love how you made... Uh. 'Linky' (As I have dubbed him/her) so cute and young looking! You know, last time the Zelda community was so confused by gender is when Ghirihem was announced. XD
Nuryfury's avatar
Aha thanks!! And I'm SUPER loving all the speculation going on. Everyone going wild with their headcanons and theories is super great to see. 
Kieroni101's avatar
Yeah. They're lots of fun. ^^ Even if we're just being silly about it, what if we're /right?/ 0w0 That's why I love the Zelda fanbase sometimes~
Sir-Tristan's avatar
Nintendo has said that "nobody explicitly said that was Link"... mysteries! :>
Nuryfury's avatar
I will find out your secrets, Nintendo. >B)
AbiThePerson's avatar
Woah he looks different o,o
Nuryfury's avatar
Yeah he looks super young in the new trailer! Like maybe age 13 or so? and he has a ponytail! *u*
AbiThePerson's avatar
Woahhhhh I wanna see this uwu
HeroOfTheGoddess's avatar
This is really good! Nice job.
BIG-OLAF's avatar
Is it though? A lot of people speculate it's Zelda.…
Nuryfury's avatar
YEAH! I've been seeing this! I'mma stick to saying Link just to be safe, but honestly if it does turn out to be zelda that'd be super amazing. Either way, we get a female lead or a cute kid with a pony tail. Win-win situation ahaha.
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