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Pencil Resource File:

Made with GIMP.

500x500 px

Includes extension type for both GIMP and Photoshop users.
- Pencil.xcf

This is intended for beginners of GIMP and Photoshop. Pro's can kindly ignore ;)..coz i am myself still not good with GIMP. Hope its not too bad for my first attempt. :(

Use it the way u like.. :)

Preview inspired by Flahorn's apple resource. Thx Bro.
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Hi, can I use it on a website of a school in Germany? Its all I need :D
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sure, if my reply isn't too late yet.
Just what I needed. Thx.
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Nice work dude!
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Hello! :wave:

I've used your pencil here: [link]

Thanks! :hug:
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glad to see that my resource was useful.. :)
sorry, but i how can i download psd file ?
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Click download on the left of the preview .. The zip file contains both .psd and .xcf ..
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Thank you so much for making it for GIMP too!
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I am a GIMP Fan.. looks like u r too.. :)
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Yes, a forever-free program that's actually good!
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Great, very nice ; )
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Thanks for the comment !!... :)
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very nice pencil tutorial, i check all layers, good work man
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