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---- Orple -----

- Fullscreen and Widescreen ( 1600x1200 and 1680x1050 resp.)

- 4 color variations ( Aqua, desat, Rise and Vintage)

- All 5 stocks used from [link]
- Apple ( tasty series 3 by ugaldew)
- Orange (healthy orange by lockstockb)
- Drop by Andeton
- Glass2 filling with water by brokenarts
- Water slash by surely

- readme included.

Comments and :+fav:'s would be appreciated.
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This is wonderful! Great photo manip here. One of the best I've seen in awhile. It's so clean looking and well done. :nod: I love the look of it and the idea of the apple transforming into an orange as it goes under the water. The water splashes look pretty and realistic, too. Good job! ^^ My favorite is the blue tinted one in the top right corner. :)
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Thanks for the detailed reply.. I really appreciate.. Thanks again.. :)
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You're very welcome. More than happy to. ^__^
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It's a great idea, but I have complaints about the integrity of the result.
The orange and apple seem to have different sources of lighting, making them seem out of place when close together. Also, the splash above doesn't match the bubbles underneath in terms of color and image quality, again taking some of the feel with it.
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Thx for the input.really appreciate . :) . As for the second point suggested , u can try Aqua version.
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Thank you buddy .. :)
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awesome job man!

could i request a 1920*1200 version?
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will make one ASAP..
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Dude, this is tight!
Thank you for making my background interesting!
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My pleasure... ;)
Excelent! Thx
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