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how I color things

A response to all the somebodies who've asked for a coloring tutorial. My last Process guide is no longer the method I use, so I thought I'd make a new one.

Hopefully that wasn't super confusing *-*

The main software is Paint Tool SAI. Total time was about 2.5 hours.
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A very good tutorial!
Aerite's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial!
trevu's avatar
damn this was really helpful. thank you so much! :tighthug:
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How do you get the "fine_flat" brush? 
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It is a common brush make a dot with your brush if it is squarish then it is a flat brush if round it is a round brush. round brushes are more of a blending thing XD
joiski's avatar
Thank you so much! :glomp: I am really lazy with lineart so this is a technique more befitting me ^^
I'll try it out now, thanks :D
DisturbingGreen's avatar
2.5 hours. 
But thanks for this, thanks for this so much :,)
XxPhoenixBronyxX's avatar
Im going to draw Graystripe is tacky -_-
karkawaiikat's avatar
everything sounds like some kind of dark magic to me XD but I love your art sooooo muuch *^*
nopino1's avatar
for making leaves and vegetation, what kind of brush do you use? btw excellent work!! :)
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oh dear this is soo wonderful and beautiful *w* >w< :la: :clap:
puppybone's avatar
wow thats interesting and also super amazing><
Raeistic's avatar
You may think that this is evasive rather than a tutorial, but it does give us an excellent look into your process. Very useful, in my opinion, so thank you! (:
Fidchells's avatar
I tried this. Oh my, it is very hardwork, but I like it ^^!
Thank you very much for the helpful tutorial~!!
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Its basically like paint with acrylics.... only theres layers. XD
caykie's avatar
How do you determine what color the sketch should be? 
nuriko-kun's avatar
I usually use a low-saturation purple, red, orange, or olive (any of which could be called "brown" on its own) depending on the overall picture's tone. It helps to throw in some basic colors to help you visualize the final picture before finalizing the lines' hue/saturation/brightness. You can also play with lowering the line layer's opacity, or even selectively coloring different parts of the lineart in different colors.
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Thank you! That's really helpful ^^
MonkeyAngelou's avatar
Hey I understand how you did this but I tried to apply it to backgrounds and it didn't work. Not only that but I checked out your youtube videos xD I'm still lost to how you create such backgrounds from nothing but a few lines. I tried it and it turned out to be just a mush of color O-o
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this tutorial was epic gonna try it now. Cool pic by the way :icononiononionplz:
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Thanks I am a beginner artist and this really helps! 
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