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Slow Days

I blame those sleep machine sounds I've been listening to lately, peaceful water ripples and wind and stuff..... zzzzzz

Boo to pockets of detail in places nobody can see. What is a consistency anyway ( . -.) 

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This is absolutely gorgeous

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It looks so serene! It's nicely detailed!
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Beautiful illustration. ^_^
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I love this, it's so peaceful and beautiful :) 
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If you don't mind me asking what Software did you use? Was it Photoshop? Paint tool sai? Great work anyway!
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How do you do the leaves because those look fantastic
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I need vacations...
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This really is a lovely piece.
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I love this.
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this is wonderful, i wish i could draw like that.
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This picture literally out of all the deviant art pictures ive seen, and ive seen a lot! But this one...this one if my favorite of all of them. You did a god like job on this, and I really appreciate it. Love 
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This would be crazy if it was animated omg this is wonderful
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Your work is incredible, I love ^^ !
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the wateeeeeer!! ITS GORGEOUS ♥♥
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Wow, this is just...gorgeous!! You are really talented!!La la la la 
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Ahhhhh very nice contrast between the forest and the sea - and the colours are splendid too!
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This is beautiful~
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Amazing detail to the reflection on the water's surface. It shows that the beach/lake surface is calm. The colors of the people in the image really stand out with the general surrounding. Overall, great job on the colors, and an image of friends enjoying their day.
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Wonderful image!
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Amazing! What software do you use?
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wow!! kirei ne~! (pretty in japanese) how do you keep the line art so clean, and what program did you use to draw this?
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