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Quick Photoshop Tricks that I use a lot :b

I get asked for tutorials a lot but I don't feel comfortable doing that so here's a compromise instead! =3=

Sorry my pics made for poor examples because they were already finished and I like to merge all my layers..

I'll shush now cause the thing's already so wall of text.

Feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.
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This is helpful even outside of photoshop ;3

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Thanks for sharing I want to try the poster edges filter 😎
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Thank you very much this helps me a lot =D !
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Thank you so much for this tutorial. It's very helpful.
SiamesePawlerNeko's avatar
wonderfull tricks !!
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Thank You!!!!!!! I've been looking everywhere to find out how to get a fringe effect from paint tool Sai on Photoshop :DD
Omg I love the letters! what font is?
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Very good. I understand more thing about Photoshop now. I'll go try it when I'll come back in my home. :) Thank you for this tutorial which I can understand while I'm not very well in English. Free Neko Italy icon
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Amazing. I will reread this later :D
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VERY helpful. Thank you!
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omg thanks this helps a lot! not with my art skills though... but now my drawings will look shitty IN A COOL LIGHTING!!!
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:D Awesome! I didn't know about some of these tips (specifically, the latter ones mentioned ). Thanks for putting up this tutorial !!
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These are really awesome tips! :) thank you for sharing! woudl you mind telling me how you can select all the layers? ;w; I have CS7. 
nuriko-kun's avatar
I usually click the very bottom layer, then scroll all the way up, hold Shift key, and click the very top layer. But you can also click "Select > All Layers" from the menu, or press the shortcut keys associated with that action :)
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;w; umm that didn't seem to work for me, I think my version, PS 7, may not support the Shift+Click method. But I did figure it out, using a folder to place the layers in and then duplicated the folder, got the same results. :) 
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Ah ok xD so long as it works!
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Thanks to this.
I can pretty much understand that merging, doesn't pretty much mean, destroys the full image of the art you just made.
It pretty much enhances it and makes it more beautiful.

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Thanks for the tips.
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Awesome and reeeally helpful! xD
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Please make a tutorial on how you do backgrounds! I would love that! :D
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thanks aloooot and found u :D
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