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Fate/Zero - King of Knights



Saberrrr :L Still one of my all-time favorite character designs.

Fate/Zero anime is resuming in Aprillll yayyyyyy >A<
If you haven't seen it yet, it's significantly better than Fate/Stay anime (minus Fate/Stay's exceptional soundtrack) ((though I do like the ED a lot, and the OP for the upcoming season sounds really cool and a lot closer to Fate/Stay's)).
Animation is really nice and it has all the expected Fate shinies haha. Eyecandy *-* The Servants are sooo much cooler here. And best of all, SABER IN A SUIT I mean, no useless Shirous running around YAH. SABER IN A SUIT!!! *rambles*

Side note, Saber really does have an invisible sword. It's not just me being a lazybutt.
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omg this is awesome!