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It's that time a... er... decade, again.
So yeah, the last time I updated this journal was four years ago... with a post of me saying that I was gonna try to be more active on DA.  And we all see how well that worked out.  :P All I can say is that I'm going to try to do better.  Since I'm currently unemployed, I've got nothing but time on my hands, which means that I can certainly spend some of it on DA, getting to know the other artists out there once again.  I don't know if this new drive to become an active part of at least some artist community will last once I find a new job and become busy again, but we'll see. As a part of my new resolution to stop being such a hermit, I've
*shifty eyes*
Okay, so I realized that somewhere along the line, I got out of the habit of watching my friend's DA galleries... which was probably a bad thing for me to do.  I know that I'm horribly scatterbrained and all, and that I forget to even check my watchlist for months on end, but I really should be making more of an effort to pay attention to the work of my friends, because you guys do some really awesome stuff. So, uh... a lot of people will see me sweeping in, watching a lot of stuff.  Yeah, it's taken me months (or in some cases years :nirvana:) to get around to it, but, uh... don't hurt me?  :innocent: --------------------------------------
And I'm still alive!
I don't know if anyone noticed or not, since of course I didn't leave any note that I was leaving here like the lazy bastard that I am... but I've been gone, living in China for the last six months.  Which is why there hasn't even been a peep from me in so long. And also why there's suddenly not only a flood of my work all at once, but also of my comments on friend's deviations ranging from just yesterday until back to January.  I'm catching up on all that I missed, since it occured to me that I really LIKE the artwork of the people here and I'd hate to think that they might not realize that I appreciate it.  So yeah, sit back and enjoy the


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CTalmage| Digital Artist
Thanks for the favorite!
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taytaybee|Hobbyist General Artist
I watched your Copic Marker and Lining tutorial panels at SNAFU :D (i was the one with the white wig and blue and white costume at the copic panel and full white outfit at the lining haha) I really liked the picture you were lining, I hope to see it on DA! It inspired me to try that lining style on a picture i'm taking a short break from now :D
I'm planning to do my own artist table and maybe some panels next year, hope to see you there too!
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MistPower101|Student Digital Artist
Hello, Nuriko! I'm the girl that watched your inking and techniques panel at SNAFU yesterday, and that also won second place in the advanced contest. :) I actually had made two different versions of that picture, and I was thinking that maybe I should show you the other version. [link]
I prefer the version without the white outlines my self, but with the white lines I also toned down a few colors, so I'm not sure which version I'm full-heartedly on... :XD:

I really loved watching your work in the panel room, with the inking techniques ^^ I learned so much! Thank you for having that session! :) I've always had difficulty with lineart, whether it was digital or traditional, and now I think I know why. I'm going to be experimenting with more traditional linearts now, to see if I can end up with results that I like and that I can also use.
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^_^ I Saw You At SNAFU Con!
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DreamsComeTroo|Student General Artist
Heeeey I added youuuu
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Eilasor|Student Traditional Artist
You've got a really nice gallery!
Keep on going!
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ive1always1loved1you|Hobbyist Photographer
YAY A NEW MEMBER!!!! I’m so happy :iconawwloveplz: thanx for joining :iconloveneverends: I’ll try not to disappoint you =D
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