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My writer Jess Cate and I have launched a Kickstarter to print books and take them to conventions.

We're already funded and past our first stretch goal and everything is going super awesome. We have a awkward video for you to watch and if you'd like your own copy of the first 18 pages on Heart of Millyera please consider backing us.
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Yep, I uploaded some deviations! Amazing! I'm still around.

I've the 2 new devis into various prints & products as well as a wallpaper. So if you love them, I would love you forever if you fiscally proved it. ;) Or just comment. That is pretty awesome too. Commenting gets virtual cookies too.

Even though the dollar is shot, I think I may purchase Limey Love in mug form. I really wanna see how the mugs turn out. I'll throw up some photos when I get it. :)

I don't even know if the shot AU $ affects the cost anyway. (Shhh I don't want to know!)

I have been practising some Angels 2200 art for when the day comes that I'll co-pick up the illustrator mantle with :iconkimmers4ever:. I've been picking scenes from the old days and just throwing them down quickly. One day I'll scan the better ones and throw em up.

Til next time gentlepeople!
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Hey gang, It's been a long time... Shouldn't have left you, left you without a dope beat to step to....

*cough* Sorry bout that.

Anyway, it has been a while yeah. If you watch me I bet you've forgotten I'm even on you're watch list!

I've sort of dropped off DA because I found that I couldn't tear myself away, and that I just stared at all the awesome art, instead of doing any myself. As they say, the first step is admitting it.  Now that I know it, I'm going to work hard on not letting it happen again. All the new pretty improvements are not going to help though I tell you what! So Shiny! :faint:

I've been scribbling away but I haven't been finishing anything. That's something else I'm working on. But I'm getting close to finishing more. Angels 2200 is also close to the end of this chapter and so work on Angels 2200 part 2 or how ever Peter wants to call it begins fairly soon. I Peter's been been saying that for a while, but I can see the end now so I believe him :p

Anywho, I've got some housework to do, some food for the week to buy and with any luck some art to finish. I'm looking forward to the day when I'm a millionaire and can afford a cleaner and a cook!

Peace Out!
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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 1, 2007, 8:34 PM

So much for art acceleration :p

I do have something I'm working on which you should see soon. I've invested a bit of effort into colouring it so I don't want to leave it without some sort of background. I'm having trouble thinking of one though.

I'm feeling really guilty about the club. I just don't have the time to look after it and do my own thing and when Angels starts I definitely wont.

I don't want to pass it on to others just yet though because I'm hanging out to see what this whole "parties" thing DA is coming up with. It could possibly make it mega easy to look after and I could be back in business.

But I don't feel that is very fair though to make everyone wait when DA can't even give us a date on when it will fire up. I'm not sure what to do. :(

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The Bitch is Back ^-^

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 10, 2007, 7:59 PM

Hello people :) My name is Jana, previously of :iconyahna:

Finally I'm moving to my new account with a new job, new art and new prints. On the art front things should slowly but surely accelerate. Things are finally settling down and I'm getting into routine and that means I can make more permanent time for art.

I'm gonna start selling prints and maybe a commission or 2 if people want one. They are always "open" for the moment.

As I said at my last account, the first of my watchers from my old account that watches this account gets a free request pic and a virtual cookie :)

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