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this is absolutely amazing, i see the red crayon/colored pencil is the "3 smiling people/ DONT FORGET" drawing from the mini lab, but the other photograph... is that something mentioned in game or is it just something you came up with as a "in the old days" souvenier thing? 
also, who is that in the background of the assistants photo? the one turned away from the camera i think Papyrus though im not entirely sure why hed be there, or is osmeone different
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This trio would certainly be as interesting as they would be dangerous together. Suppose there is a reason to why there are only three skeletons.
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Hello! I was wondering if I could use this art for visuals to a music video I am doing. I will give full credit to you if I can. Thanks in advance. (also, if you want more info, just reply or contact me with whatever you need to know) ;)
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Holy Creator of Undertale!!
I feel so helplessly amazed at this angle of your work.
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wait i realized this while watching this art maybe the badge is a scientific thing
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I'm pretty sure Papyrus made that adorable as hell crayon/marker/whatever drawing. Great work, dude!
I think it's most likely *suzy* made it.  Considering you can only find the crayon drawing when you talk to the clam girl about the "neighbor's daughter suzy".  Suzy Q is a font.  Gaster's daughter? Unknown sister? 
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You are welcome. I accidentally use the question mark and instead of the exclamation point. That's what I get for typing so fast.
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Me: I promise I keep my tear small put I have to (crys)
OC: (sits and starts to cry) WHY, WHY DAD
Me: Why us
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🖂🕈✌☼☠✋☠☝🖂 ☯👍⚐👍✌✋☠☜ ✌☠👎 👍☟✋☹👎 ✌👌🕆💧☜ ✋☠❄☜☠💧✋☞✋☜💧☸ 🖂🕈✌☼☠✋☠☝🖂
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No child abuse, Toriel would hate you for it.
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I'm glad you like it ^^
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I just realized that Papyrus is in the photo of Sans' team of scientists, and somehow I love that idea a lot.

The perspective of this is amazing, and so is the coloring and shading. Heart Love Very, very nice.
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I want to do a comic with that, but i don't have time ;-;
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Oh, that's understandable. ^^; Comics are pretty time consuming. So no worries.

The idea is fascinating though, Papyrus being a forgotten member of the team of scientists. 
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