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snowboard deck template

If you have some problems with the template, please tell me. maybe I can help.

*You will need to change some brightness and shadows when you change the colors.

Enjoy and don't forget give the credits ;)

**In case you will post this on a blog or another kind of website, the link to download must be redirect to here.
Thank you.

:police: This file is free and not for sale anywhere.
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Could you please make an Adobe Illustrator file for this? It would be helpful for my graphic design class!
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Unless There is an Ai file and i'm just on crack! xD Long day at work!
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This is very much appreciated! Thank you very much! (",)
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You're awesome, thanks a million.
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x-ellent! very good job!
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Hey! Your stock has been used here! [link]
Thanks a lot! Hope you like it!
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Could I have one of these, please? :please:
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You can just download the file :)

The link is on the top right of the image.

Also, you have this one: [link] ;)
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Maybe I just don't understand the navigation of this site yet? ..still not understanding how to download.. where top right of the image?
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nvm, found it, thanks!
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hey there, can you send me the file in its psd format over an email pls? I am having troubles downloading it. Thanks a lot! email is
really appreciate it!
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this looks really good ^^

i'm going to try it out sometime
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Thanks! I hope you enjoy it :)
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you're welcome! :)
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You're welcome.

I have an update here [link]

Enjoy ;)
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so cool dude... :clap: thanks for the template :clap:
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you're welcome! the other template is better ;)

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