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Surfboard Templates

Summer time... 2 new templates! ;)

2 individual files.

And don't forget give the credits.

**In case you will post this on a blog or another kind of website, the link to download must be redirect to here.
Thank you.

:police: This file is free and not for sale anywhere.
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Thank you so much! It's perfect!

nice, thank You !

NIce, Well Done

Really cool download. How would use this as a mockup to put my art work onto this.

thank you.

Do You have templates?

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wow. thank you Nunosk8 for this file. does it function like a mockup? where does one put one's artwork for it to form around your object in 3D shape please? or how does one use your file?

thank you
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I just have to think of a project to use this on, I'll be sure to credit.
How can you download this mockup?
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Thanks for templates... very nice
Hi there! I was just wondering if I would be able to use this as a mockup for a logo in my print and web portfolio? 
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Sorry for the delay.

where is the file ?
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Thanks man... great!
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Thanks alot. Looks promising, very good work.
I've downloaded the pack. Now working something on Photoshop.
Have a question, what would be the best way to use the design layer and make it look super smooth... i.e. the board edges.

So far I've:
1. Add my design to the design layer
2. Select the "board" layer with the magic wand tool
3. Select inverse
4. Select my design layer and delete everything that's outside of the board.

Doing this is the simplest way, but I see some light artifacts, especially on the front board (short surfboard, haven't tried the long one).

Here's an example. It's only a solid color applied to the board, but you can see, the front board's left edge has a little bit of white...

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Sorry for the delay. Maybe it's a bit late, but here are some tips:

1 - The best way to select the board is CTRL (win) or COMMAND (Mac) and click directly on the layer's preview thumbnail in the Layers palette (it will select automatically the content of the layer).
2 - After selecting (in the layers panel, at the bottom) click on "add layer mask". But if you're not familiar with masks, what you did also works fine.
3 - If your design fills all the board, you can hide the "board" layer.
4 - About the light artifacts, maybe you mean the brightness details, you just need to go to the "group" layer (expand it) and there you can play with all the details of your choice (opacity, blending mode, etc).

I think that's all and I hope this helps.
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thanks alot and sorry for the late reply! Will try now
can you please email these to
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format of RAR isn't working with my Mac. Email please?
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Used it here: Colourful Bliss, thank you! :iconpinkballoonplz:
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