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NEW snowboard template

New version of the snowboard template.
I made some changes on the shadows and brightness. I think its better :P

If you have any problems with the template, just let me know. Maybe I can help.

*You will need to change the "opacity" in some brightness and shadows when you change the colors.

And don't forget give the credits.

**In case you will post this on a blog or another kind of website, the link to download must be redirect to here.
Thank you.

:police: This file is free and not for sale anywhere.
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It seems very perfect for me..You did a good job! I am much a appreciated with your work because you made it for free..
I can't seem to download it. Can you send me the template? thank you!
Hi, I love it and want to use for a snowboard I designed in school. I don't see where to download though, can you send me the file?
just kidding found it.... but since my design is an image on a white background it is hard to see any of the highlights etc. Any suggestions for this?
Another note, after looking at other mockups I realize that the white and highlights are probably not something that can be fixed. But maybe consider putting shadows in the background for an even more real effect.
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This website is empty because it was gonna be used but then is saved for later, but here is where I used the template. Thanks much.

Great work sir.
Stellar! thank you
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i legit love you bro.
This may sound stupid but I've never made a design for such large print before..... but what would the specs be for making a design for a full sized snowboard in illustrator or photoshop?
This may seem stupid but I've never created a design for such large print. What do I need to do to create a design for a full sized snowboard? what should the specs be for something created in photoshop or illustrator?
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If you haven't worked out why it won't download yet, right click on the "Download File" link and select "save link as" or "download linked file as" or something along those lines depending on your browser.
Hey sweet Board but I cant download it.. it would be great if could email it to me
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hey, great board. But I can't download it. Could you possibly email it to me please? :)
hey bro really love the board but can't download it. could u email it to me please cheers
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awesome work! used it here [link]
Thanks for sharing with us!!! I designed a board for my niece and your template was a great help. Here is a pic of what it looks like: [link]
Hi! Thanks for sharing that with us. I designed a board for my niece and your template was great to work with. Here is the pic: [link]
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I use it here.

Many Thanks
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Thanks for your work, it's prety cool
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Hey there I would love it if you could send me the file over email as well... for some reason the download file didnt keep its original format in PSD...
can you email me @ ?? thanks a lot!
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