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January 16, 2009
Origram by ^NunoDias The suggester wrote: I find this to be not only a unique font but immensely creative.Who would've thought of making a font inspired from origami ?
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Origram Free Font



Origram was the first font I designed. It borns from the curiosity that I have by typefaces. Inspired in Origamis and Tangrams, the basic shape is an octagon. Geometric, regular, is a display font! Isn't appropriate to be used in common text but to be used in big scales, like posters, outdoors, logos, and so on…

This Free Font was already featured in dozens of websites & blogs and has more then 120k downloads. You can experiment, share, talk, use it, but give me always credit, don't redistribute or present it as your own. Thank you!


I would be happy to see what you do using Origram, so feel free to share your designs with me.
Thank you!

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© 2008 - 2021 NunoDias
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Can i use this for my logo?
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Yes you can! Or you can buy the complete version here:
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Hey can I ask what program did you use to make the font?
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Sure! Normally, I start in Adobe Illustrator and import the glyphs to FontLab Studio, where I do everything else, like metrics, kerning, and so on… ;)
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Ah! Thought so, I was curious how so many people made fonts and there's only FontLab. Ok next question how much would a custom font cost from you? ^^
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To tell you the truth, I don't have the experience to give you a precise value. I just know that is very time consuming, but in the end is satisfying watching the project finished. ;)
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Ah I see, thing is I'm having a hell of a time trying to figure out what would look good with my logo.
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You only need the custom type for your logo? I thought we were talking about a complete font. 
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Oh no I would want a complete font for it.
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PM me with all the details and let me think about it! ;)
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Thank you for this - beautiful font!
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This is awesome! Love it!
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This is absolutely fantastic.
Hey man I would like yo use it in my youtube channel logo, is that okay?
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Sure, no problem. Just give me credit and share my work! ;)
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