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The Manipulator and The Valiant

"Me and you are caught up in the same flow...I'm just going against it"

for the Playstation 20th anniversary at :icongame-art-hq: check it out!

i picked final fantasy tactics since i absolutely fell in love with that game shortly after starting it. it was my first real taste of turn-based strategy and it was gooood.

so... this is supposed to have a bunch more characters but i will release them in pairs and then combine them all for the completed piece. for this one we have ramza and delita, my two favorites <3 the title is taken from two of the chapters and i feel it works for them (i know it seems like i consider delita a villain, but i see them both as tragic heroes in different ways)

speaking of tragic, ps3 got ylod and my tactics file got erased ;_;
done in pencil and watercolor pencils, and watercolors for the background, fixed up in photoshop.
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Goro, if you recieve this comment, I just want to apologize for your banning at ZI. I feel responsible, and as such, I may or may not have spent the last week talking to Nate on Facebook, trying to get you guys unbanned.

So, Nate agreed with me eventually, and he said he'd unban you if you contact him, be it on FB or e-mail.

If you see this, and contact Nate to get unbanned, tell Maso I said hi. Again, sorry about the mass-banning.

*now delivering unban courtesy of your friendly neighbourhood Greenbeans*

Oh, and your artwork is fantastic.
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awwwww greenbeans you are too much! i never blamed you yknow. i was already using a temporary name, and was ready to make a new official one, so the ban was just a minor inconvenience.

but thank you so much! *hugs*

wait... you have a facebook? but the anonymity!