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:pc:What is Racism?</u> Racism means attitudes, practices and other factors that disadvantage people because of their race, color or ethnicity. Racism can be directed against any race, color or ethnicity.
Some examples of racism are obvious, such as graffiti, intimidation or physical violence. Racial and ethnic slurs and "jokes" are other examples. Unfortunately, they are often ignored because people do not know how to deal with them.
Other forms of racism are not obvious, such as discrimination in hiring and apartment rentals, or policies that disadvantage members of certain races, whether intentionally or not.
Racism exists at three main levels: individual, institutional and cultural.
What can I do to stop racism?
First of all, speak out against racism. Otherwise, your silence may be interpreted as tacit approval of discrimination. You have the right, as well as the responsibility, to speak out.
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you will regret being born useless and monke.

i shall give you... racism and banana.

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Can i use the stamp please? Because i love people that are different to me especially their colour of skin, the language they're speaking and how they pray

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Beautiful message, beautiful stamp. <3
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I hate whenever people are racist to white people they bring up a stupid ass argument like "They started it with slavery." "They have more power."
Or simply just call it "reverse racism."
Hell, I've heard my brother's friend say that "Cracker is not a bad racial slur, because it's not as bad as nigger."
In conclusion,
Don't be racist to anyone.
Don't be sexist to anyone.

Rant finished.
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I agree with you completely and what annoys me is when they say *ALL* white people did slavery. So the Scandinavians, Eastern Europeans and people in the Balkans did that? Its ignorance at its finest and even though the Western European countries had slaves, they no longer do that.

Like you said, all racism is bad ;u;
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You ever hate how people pull the "race card" out of their arses and use it
to make people feel bad for it? In reality my friends, the matter of life isn't about colour;
it's about privileges, it's about sharing, most importantly it's about living on with life.

And how they pull those race cards. It's pathetic, it's childish, and it's disgracing the community of that colour.
The last thing we want is this "Black vs White" thing going on, all I care of; is sharing life to those people!

So do us a favor: Live life how it is and how it works, don't use your race cards,
and your pitiful back-marks about colour and being a racist clot about it - Just LIVE with it!
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I especially hate it when people generalize you
People ask me if my hair is real and I'm like "Of course it is!"
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A by us russian you all as relation? As bitchs?
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And if someone's racist, they have better to keep their thoughts to themselves.
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Using, especially since racist people have just happened to pop up on the Internet this year.
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i remembered one time some kid called me a terrorist for being half middle eastern
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As much as racism is bad, it still is a right when it comes to freedom of speech.
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I wish people would stop calling black people "n****r*".
I wish people would stop calling Mexicans "Illegal immigrants".
I wish people would stop calling Muslims "terrorists".
I wish people would stop calling Asians "G**k"
I wish people would stop calling white people "Crackers"
I wish anyone would stop being racist to anyone

We are all equal,no matter what race. 
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but what if someone, not necessarily a mexican, does immigrate to America illegally? than can we call that person an illegal immigrant, because they moved here illegally?
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I meant the legal ones.
futuramaiscool2938's avatar
Ok. I totally agree that we should all be equal, btw I just misunderstood ur wordses
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Not happening anytime soon.
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